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    Sony PS3

    thanks for feedback guys, all that's left to do is make sure i go to a location that is getting at least one, because i'll be first in line, i'm going to go start waiting tonight so that'd be 24+ hours. boohoo, sleep deprivation, i get all next week off to play my ps3 until my eyes fall out...and i don't have to pay ridiculous auction price for it. time is money, i'm spending time, not money. so then it's settled. 24+ hours is the solution.
  2. fulloutcrawl

    Sony PS3

    Hey man thx for reply-but, first of all, it's SUBURBS of detroit, so plz don't worry about me, I'll be just fine second, the money is not an issue, i'm fortunate like that third, the time is not an issue, i'm also fortunate like that getting one to play THIS weekend is key. any input is appreciated. currently thinking 20 hours...if anybody has a good reason I should consider otherwise, I'd love to hear it because I'm new at this.
  3. fulloutcrawl

    Sony PS3

    meijer's (a 24 hour super store) is going to have a few ps3's and release at midnight. How many hrs. do you think I need to wait? should I get in line: 24 hrs. before? 36 hrs. before? 12 hrs. before? input please. I'm in suburbs of Detroit. I was thinking along the lines of about 20 hours, getting in line at about 4am on Thursday. I understand that If i'm not one of the very first three people there that i'll be wasting my time. So that is all that matters to me.