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  1. and personal enjoyment. like flash.
  2. i'm not trying to be "the shizz" foo, and all those nice synths that record MP3's usually have a computer conected to it. i know something about music, i've been taking lessons for 3 years. i'm not showing off, i know i suck, i just wanted to have a little fun and do something that i've wanted to do since i first heard of this place.
  3. can anyone recomend a free midi to mp3 converter? i can't find any good ones. and to the guy that said i wasted 5000 dollars, you missed the point, i'm still learning! my parents bought it so i could practice at home, and so they could have some fun themselves. oh, and can someone recommend a sound editing program for my computer?
  4. its a Roland KR107 digital intelligence, and i still want the synth, i'm just not going to share my music with you guys here . lol
  5. i can take critisizm, i just like it to be, erm, not so, uh, harsh. this will be my last project.
  6. the girlfriends thing was to say that i have a life beyond making remix's. yes i do enjoy playing. and fyi, I AM 12 STUPID! i have listened to the work here, its great, but those were made by pro 50 year olds who spend thousands of dollars to make somethign that they wont gain a cent on. at least i like something that i can make money on. i like writing, this music project was to try something new, but now that i see what critics are like on here, i think i'm sticking with writing.
  7. i bought the thing for my own enjoyment, i did this for fun. my friends like it, they think i'm great. so why should you think i suck. what remix's have you made? and i know i'm not that good, i've only been playing for 3 years. here's some critisizm for you. get a life! i have one, i got supportive friends, a great synth, 3 girls chasing me, and a reputation as an author. midi is my synths primary recording, i dout that using a mic, or even a converter would change the sound. my computer cant run a sound editing program, although i'm thinking of getting a new one soon.
  8. well, on the part with the most notable mistake, i recorded separately. I'm not a pro (I'm only piano level 3B), if you can't tell the rhythm, then your tone def, if you can't give constructive critisizm, then you might as well not post. people need to learn to say the positive things, then you can tell me how to fix it. oh, and this was a 5000 dollar synth, not a stupid 20 dollar keyboard. i played this as a trial for my new "toy". deal with it.
  9. http://www.uploading.com/files/QVD8MIS7/KR107001.MID.html link to song sorry it took so long
  10. i konw what a MIDI is! geez.
  11. ok, i'll try it. and it's a midi, thats the format my synth records it to.
  12. well, newgrounds is stupid, and my computer can't change it to mp3. so, i submitted and (with a bit of luck) it might get added.
  13. today, it'll most likly be finished!
  14. YAY! i hope my teacher can help me. or else i'll be screwed!
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