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    Music: I mainly enjoy classical, progressive rock, and game music (no way!). Favorite all-time musicians are Jordan Rudess and Tony MacAlpine. As for game music, Hitoshi Sakimoto kicks all kinds of ass.

    Games: I love shmups (Cave, Raizing, Treasure, etc), RPGs (Tales, anything published by WD), and old school platformers. ...and sometimes Counter-Strike.

    Other crap: I recently started teaching myself piano/keyboard, since my entire family is musically retarded and neglected to introduce me to it at an early age. I'm in college studying math, I like reading, movies, and other boring crap. I'm a goon on the somethingawful.com forums, and spend the majority of my time there.
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    Student + Retail

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  1. First off I'd like to go ahead and jump on the "this is the coolest collection of remixes ever" bandwagon. Seriously though, the songs span so many different genres and manage to be both great individually and as a whole. Regarding Joker's "Before the Storm": Although I enjoy the original Death Egg Zone tracks, I really appreciate this one as well. Joker managed to blend in some of his own original interpretation with the main theme of the original track. You seriously can't tell me the beginning of his song isn't cool. I've had Project Chaos playing in my car for a few weeks, and with some nice subwoofers, the intro is just frighteningly awesome. Good work. And personally, my favorite track of the lot is house's Walk on Water. The jazzy/prog rock feel of it just grabs me by the nuts. In fact, I'm working on restoring my paypal balance just so I can buy house's new CD, so I can officially own something with that track on it. (edit: I love all of your other remixes too, but you know what I mean)
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