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  1. Great as heck project. This made me go and play Sonic 3 and Knuckles all over again. xD Favorites include Three Ring Nightfall, Dead Batteries, Red Sphere Blue Sphere, The Secluded Stronghold, Breathtaking Vision, Heads up for Tails, Malicious Fingers, and Water on the Dancefloor (especially!). Also, any idea if/when you'll be putting up: Nautic Lava 2 by Ross Kmet (labeled on the flash site as) Unseenbeta 2 (listed as demo on flash site) by Krispy + Joker Unseen Wonders by Sir Nuts Sand Caf(?) (WIP) by Darkesword Run for Your Life, Knuckles (listed as Demo on flash site) by Sir Nuts (and I'm fine with having 3 or 4 different renditions of Lava Reef on my computer! xD) These totally awesome tracks are on the Project Chaos flash site. Any idea if you'll be able to put them up for download or not? xD