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  1. Yes, we DP users are a dying breed (and, it would seem, for good reason, given the inhumane glitches this program has subjected me to lately). Thanks a lot for the links--I'll definitely check them out. And zircon, I'm doing quite well, thanks! I'm writing and recording a new EP over the summer that I'm really excited about. But before that, I'll be doing my first proper video game remix. It's quite possible that I'll be coming to you for mastering in both cases, so... there's that. Anyhow, thanks again!
  2. I've recently plummeted into troubleshooting hell trying to get Digital Performer 5.13 to run smoothly on my brand new MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.2. I've downloaded all the updates and all that, but I'm still running into totally ridiculous problems. DP has crashed several times when I attempted to--get this--plug my headphones in. On one memorable occasion, once I got the headphones successfully plugged in, I found that I could hear faint beeping noises in the headphones as the computer made its calculations. This is but one of several baffling malfunctions I've experienced. Is anyone else
  3. So here's my sitch-ee-ay-shin: I am in the process of setting up Digital Performer 5.12 on my newly-acquired MacBook Pro. It installed smoothly and everything, and I opened up the demo song. I hit play. I heard nothing. Here is where everything spiraled into troubleshooting hell. I've never set up a DAW before. For years now I've been working on my dad's DAW, but I'm just now setting up my own. So I apologize if some of this sounds mind-bogglingly n00b. Here we go. In "Audio MIDI Setup," I found two options: IAC Driver and Network (I don't have a MIDI controller to connect just yet). Network d
  4. Hey, thought I'd do some shameless self-promotion. Well, not entirely shameless... My album will be available for free download this Tuesday, June 12, and it was mixed and mastered by zircon, who, as far as I can tell, seems to be a big deal of sorts in this neck of the woods. Seriously, though, zircon did an amazing job on my album, and you should probably check it out just for that. And, who knows, you just might like my music, too! Check it out at www.myspace.com/newyoumusic.
  5. Hey, my name is Paul Bethers, and I've been making music under the alias New You since August, 2005. I'm just finishing up recording for my debut full-length album, and I'm looking for someone to help mix and master the album's ten tracks. Stylistically, the album falls somewhere among the likes of Ferry Corsten, Air, the Killers, and Brand New. My goal with this album was to create non-apologetic electronic pop-rock that was at once sonically ambitious and yet readily accessible to an audience raised on traditional pop music. I feel like American pop culture lacks accessible electronic music,
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