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  1.〈=en 1-0 me vs setzy
  2. 1-0 me vs metzy
  3. Count me in. Hafta beat Liviu and punch him in the face. hwahwhahah
  4. omg omg omg LETS PLAY B*YATCHES. (( I'll be kinda free the next couple o nights. Igzeeee
  5. @ dolittle. In the game vs Liviu, you missed checkmate on move # 16!? ( google move # 31) o.O *rubs eyes*
  6. 0-1 vs thwack. Blundered my queen but still, well played!
  7.〈=en 1-0 vs jam stunna, gg Edit: Also,〈=en 1-0 vs Setzy.
  8.〈=en 1-0 vs metzy
  9.〈=en 1-0 me vs Liviu, nice sharp game.
  10.〈=en Me vs Keegz...drawn.T'was a positional game...erratic play from my side =/ Had to give up a rook for a knight(on d6)+pawn. Seemed reasonably drawn. gg
  11.〈=en 1-0 me vs Culturekoi
  12. Waiaadaaaminute ... why do i get the stupid boy icon in the chart ... oh and ill be up for games tonight if ya'll wanna play. must ... get ..away from school ... GRAAHhahshdjhjhhhjghghghg
  13.〈=en me vs dolittle 1-0