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  1. I totally agree on an Advance Wars remix, especially since Nintendo decided not to remix any of the CO music from the first two games. The difference in quality between Jess' theme and Grimm's theme is leaps and bounds. At the very minimum I'd like to at least see (well, hear in this case) remixes for all the co's featured in the first two games. I'll get some links up in a second for those of you who are curious of what songs I'm talking about. Need to switch computers. EDIT: [link removed - don't link to GH] Well, couldn't get the links I wanted but Galbadia Hotel has the entire soundtrack. Here are my suggestions: Jess' theme Eagle's theme Grit's theme (I'm sure this has been tossed around a bit, but for good reason.) Andy's theme Max's theme Sami's theme Nell's theme Lash's theme Hawke's theme I would, of course, just suggest the entire Advance Wars: Dual Strike soundtrack, but these are some of the best songs to start off with.