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  1. I didn't elaborate my scoring method, so I may as well do it now. Essentially, it went as follows, but I don't presume to say that my own personal tastes weren't applied where I felt appropriate. *****: Stays true, a great remix, and replays the game through music. ****: Stays true and imporves upon the original with a great remix. ***: Stays true to the original **: Nice remix, but strays too far from the theme. *: Way too far from the original to be an appropriate remix. That was more or less my method. Tracks like "The Secluded Stronghold" and "Walk on Water", accomplish 5 stars in my own p
  2. I heard about the album recently and after Hedgehog Heaven I just had to get it. S3K was and still is my all time favourite platformer. I still play it to this day. Unfortunately, well... I'm going to give a rundown of each track before I discuss the album in its entireity. I hope you guys like constructive criticism, because believe me, I'm trying to be constructive here. Scores out of five stars, from one to five. =========================================== 101 - SnappleMan - Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles (Title) OK the title. Not much can really be done here. I think it works well. Score:
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