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  1. cool, i'll definitely give this a try using the hacked Nintendo connector. Thanks a lot everyone!
  2. well, at college my pc is upstairs and my game systems are 1 floor below it (almost directly below it), would the antenna be strong enough for that?
  3. I dont have wireless on my desktop either...the adapter works as a wireless access point. So far the closest product I have found is the Zyxel G-220. Do you think this would work (for a Wii and a 360 [hooked to an ehternet bridge])? Thanks
  4. Is there a product similar to the "Nintendo DS wifi usb connector" that allows wireless connections (other than nintendo products) to connect to it? Thanks!
  5. thanks for the reply. I guess I'll go buy the adapter and hope for the best!
  6. I, unfortunately, go to a college that uses Cisco Clean Access Agent. This college will not allow me to register my game consoles' mac addresses. I was wondering if I could use the Nintendo DS/Wii USB wifi adapter to broadcast the internet to my consoles. The Wifi adapter is basically a portable access point, which plugs into your computer USB port, that creates a wireless signal from a wired broadband connection. So I'm wondering, If I sign into CAA with the adapter plugged in, will it distribute the "signed-in" internet access? Sorry if this is confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated