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  1. So I work at the most awesome pet store ever (Burton's Total Pet). We don't have a connection to Musaac, so I've become the relative DJ. Corporate got us a (HUGEA$$) 4-gig MP3 player to load up with everything we could ever want to hear. Although, it came pre-loaded with every Herman's Hermit song ever recorded, and while I enjoy 60's bubblegum, I've been hearing it since our store opened in July. And the Jimi Hendrix power hour was refreshing at first, but listening to it every day at 2:15-3:34 PM is just tiring and noisy. Thankfully, my (very relatively) easygoing manager, Cindy, I was recently allowed to bring home the player and load up my own library. Sure, I've put all the standards of easy listening ("How Deep is Your Love" and "All I Have to Give"), but now I'm looking for the Easy Listening of OCR. I've already put a few songs on, but I'm looking for more. Or if you have even a good soft rock song I haven't heard of, please, share! Song list from OCR includes: Grand Valse Mario by bladiator Into the Golden Sunset by BogusRed Vampire Spanker by Danneman and Silverknekt Falling Back by Darangen Party in the Snowland, Torvus Clockwork, and Ancient Hero by Darkesword Sunken Suite and Swanky Vegas by djpretzel Lover Reef by D-Lux, GeoffreyTaucer, pixietricks, shonensamurai and zircon Darkworld Jazz by Gux Charade, and Summertime by Hale-Bopp Lizardino Slayer Quartet by ilp0 Piano Concerto in A Minor, and Valse Aeris by Jeremy Robson Frappe Cafe Vibe by Joshua Morse Etude for Piano in F# Minor by Kevin Stephens and trickwaters Tale in Piano by klutz In the Beginning There was Jazz by LSD Snowcone Heaven by Mazedude (Too many to name by McVaffe) Waltz for Zora by Neskvartetten The Place We Knew by pixietricks and Reuben Kee SoS by SAiNT Pegasus Boots by Shnabubula A Rose for Zelda by Tepid Wizards in My Armor (Wizards...) by Trenthian A Link to the Piano by Zoola
  2. For a while now, I have had an idea for a MM sequel, blah blah blah.... ...and so on. The game/story is focused around singing magical melodies: aka--Spellsong (instead of instrument/baton). The first song learned is the Song of Healing. I think it would be absolutely amazing if a remix with a quartet could be arranged with only a simple piano in the background. All the usual suspects: soprano, mezzo soprano, alto, barritone, bass...whatever. I'm not musically inclined. No words as of yet, but I've been playing with some lyrics... "Sweet fields green, Mountains high, Ocean vast, canyon wide. ... As you fall, I catch you, Dreams all ending true. ... Heal your soul of all pain, Always forever. Let go of the things past, Look to the future. Let go of the things past, Look to the future. Feel the song lift your soul up to the skies..." Even just a simple orchestral remix would be neat. All I have is some badly sampled game music and a poor quality MIDI from VG Music. This is my absolute favorite theme of all games--I need more Healing!
  3. I love you. For the longest time I've wanted to know who the hell is the genius behind it. Now I do! Huzzah! ...Speaking of MM remixes...New Topic!
  4. I myself am not a remixer, however i am a loyal listener. While browsing WinMX (old downloading program) I found a remix of the very theme you are requesting. It's called "Time's End" I have no idea who did it, or where it even came from. I've looked on for it, and still I have no leads. But I believe it may be exactly what you are looking for. It starts out with an ambiguous thunderstorm, the Skull Kid's laugh and a clock ticking. Then a sad piano and something rocking back and forth squeaking come into the mix, soon followed by a tolling bell and you can hear a horse (Epona, I'd assume) galloping as strings begin to play with the piano. It's a melancholy and moving piece, rather depressing. The ending is my favorite part. Elements of the Song of Time thrown in and it warps, like you're moving back in time again. Again, I wish I knew who did it, and where it came from. Two or three years shrouded in mystery just will not do. And now my question: how do I get it to you?
  5. i would like to see a remix of this one. well, not the song of healing per say, but the theme inside the clock tower, where you meet the happy mask salesman. starting off soft and low for a minute or two, but then in two minutes or so, it turns all evil and skull kid theme comes pounding in! aah! then, if it is possible, leave the ending hanging off. not fade out, but make you expect something else. you know? thanks muchness!