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  1. anyway, to just show people how I approach these things I'm going to do a video walkthrough here in the next few days going over one of my more recent tracks - how I started it, some synthy tricks, effect chains, etc etc.

    any preferences? I dunno how in depth I'll go but at least it'll show you how much micro-editing you're in for haha

    No preferences, but I'd really like to see it- those all sound like great points to hit. :grin:

  2. Ok, so I decided to go laptop. I'm most likely going to get an HP in the next few days here.

    This comment is still haunting me-


    Also, EWQL Play will expel ROT all over your harddrive for how much use you'll give it, rendering a laptop's lifespan mooooterific.

    So I'm curious- will using EWQL really pack that hard a punch? Will my laptop really suffer from casually using this software? Will other applications slow down as a result? Will this hinder the laptop that I'm going to depend on during college?

  3. I've been thinking about doing some tutorials, maybe a video, to getting "that" sound.

    Though most people would probably find it boring, and I dunno, there's like 1000x of those type of things on youtube already...

    That would be AMAZING! Please consider doing the tutorials- I know I'm not the only one here who wants them.

  4. OH YES.

    Dude, you're on a roll! CHEETAH kicked major ass, and now this?!? I'm in awe of your skills man. I KNOW this will get posted. It's too good not to be. :D

    you'll have to reveal some of your secrets as to how to get a mix so damn loud
    I concur. Specifically, I'd like to know more about that glorious bass of yours. :<


  5. Great to see DKR getting coverage. I laughed at the "who-who's" thrown in there. :<

    But in all seriousness, this is one slamming mix. Everything composition wise is super tight- didn't get bored for a second. Heck of an intro too- it definitely hooked me into the mix. I suppose there are issues with production to be picked at, but in my opinion they don't drag Guifrog's mix down. This is creative, inspired, and downright good stuff. Very much looking forward to more!

  6. shit, baylor? you'll be fine, man =) just buy a 20$ wireless router, put a password on it, and BOOM! you've got wireless in the dorms. the rest of the campus is more connected than 90% of colleges out there.

    I'm not sure if they'll be cool with that, but I might be able to do it. So are you saying that I could remote access a desktop from campus with a router in my dorm?

    On that note, you asked for some headphone recommendations; the AKG240's are excellent, and go for about $99.

    Those sure do look nice, but I'm going to have to start pinchin pennies if I want a nice computer. How do these look?


    They've gotten pretty good reviews, and they're about half the price.

  7. laptop hard drives are notoriously slow, meaning that if you're streaming more than a few hundred MB of samples, it'll be uber-slow and take forever.

    Ok, so will an external drive fix that?

    in dorms isn't a big deal - you'd want to plug in there. how's the wifi for the rest of the place?

    From what they said at Orientation, it's decent.


    as for the laptop you've linked, i don't know much about it (cnet reviews are your friend!), but i'd say that you should upgrade to w7 pro (13$), possibly the backlit keyboard (25$), and centrino wireless-n card (5$). there's a lot of crap they try to push on you.

    i can't say enough that i've been very happy with HP's laptop offerings over the years. dell's always got atrocious rankings in consumer reports, and HP's been near the top year after year. keep it in mind.

    Thanks for the tips! Ok you've convinced me, I'm going to start looking at HP's laptops.:<

  8. What's your major?

    Going on "a chance that some of your classes down the road might require" seems kind of fishy :)

    Well I'm thinking of going into Information Systems/ Technology or something like that, but I'm still pretty shaky about it all. I don't have to decide on a major until Sophomore year, but I'm pretty set on business. That said, I really have no idea what software I'll be needing to install for my classes. I'm thinking that being prepared would be the best idea.

    don't forget, though, that you could always remote-desktop into your system in your dorm, like several of my friends did. you get portability and power, works well if you've got a decent web connection. if your wireless is terrible, you're sunk, though.

    Yeah, that part. We were told at Orientation that we would be using Ethernet cables in the dorms, because the wifi inside sucks. Ah well.

    I won't be majoring in music, so I'm not looking for a super professional set up. Hell, I don't even have a decent pair of monitoring speakers or headphones. Uh, now that I think about it, could someone recommend me a pair of headphones?

    Anyways, all I'm really looking to do now is make music as a hobby, and maybe get a mix posted here one day. But that's a ways off.

    Also, EWQL Play will expel ROT all over your harddrive for how much use you'll give it, rendering a laptop's lifespan mooooterific.
    If someone could elaborate on this...

    Oh, how's this looking? Hot or cold?


  9. That's some excellent advice, and quite frankly I'd love to have a desktop to work on. Unfortunately, I just don't think that'll be the most practical thing for me during school. I'll probably be doing a decent amount of work outside the dorm, and though I might be able to get by with a netbook, there's the chance that some of my classes down the road might require me to use software that will run poorly on it. I guess for me it really boils down to a matter of convenience- I want to be able to take all of my work with me and not have to retreat to my dorm as much.

    My family has used our Dell Inspiron E1505 for more than 2 years, and it hasn't really broken down aside from some crapped out batteries. I can run FL Studio fairly well, but you're right, it's pretty slowed down. That's why I was considering an external hard drive and maybe some upgrades to the RAM in my next laptop. I figured since this one is rather dated that I could squeeze better performance out of a newer model, and back up everything to make sure that I don't lose it all.

    In the end, I really think that a laptop, though risky and less efficient, will be the best option for me.

    Please don't take this as an insult though- I truly respect and value your advice. With my choice in mind, do you think you could still make some recommendations as to how I should proceed?

  10. Hey everyone. I'm going to be getting a new Dell laptop in the very near future for college, and wanted some advice as to what kinds of features it should have to accommodate my needs. I'll be running FL Studio and East West's Silver Orchestra, as well as a little TF2 on Steam.

    I've never been a computer gamer, so I was wondering if I'm going to need a better graphics card or something to be able to run that well enough.

    More importantly, I really would like to know how much RAM I'll need to be able to efficiently work on my music projects. I've always heard that the rule of thumb is "the more RAM the better", but maxing out is pretty expensive to do. However, if it will make things smoother, I think I can shell out for it.

    Does the processor make much of a difference- specifically, is that worth upgrading as well? If so, to what extent?

    One other thing: Since I'm running the Silver Edition of the East West library, I'll only have 11 GB of samples. Should I invest in an external hard drive to keep those on, or just put them on the laptop's hard drive? I've heard that it's easier to work with the samples off an external, but I don't know if it'll make that much of a difference with a smaller library like this.

    As far as models, right now I'm looking at the "Studio" and "Inspirion" lines, but I'm open to suggestions. I don't think I can buy outside of Dell, (my parents are helping me buy it, and they insist on a Dell) but if there's a solid laptop of a different brand that you know of I'd like to hear from you. I can always try to talk them out of their stubborn ways. :<

    (If I left anything out, please comment on that as well.)

    Thanks for your time!

  11. apparently there was a free version, and ive been searching for it, since i heard its a good program, but apparently there isn't anymore, anyone know a free software that i can use thats like it? right now im severely limited to programs, as i just got my computer wiped...

    either that or find some way to get me the program...PLEASE

    I think the closest you can get (for free anyways) is with Soundfonts. That's what I've been using. Check out Squidfont.


    You'll need a Soundfont player too. I personally use the Fruity Soundfont Player Plugin: http://flstudio.image-line.com/documents/soundfontplayer.html

    but I think there are plenty of free ones out there.

    Apparently this is a pretty good free player.


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