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  1. I know about nothing about sound fonts and samples. The guitar track is real. But the rest is all what ever comes with Reason (possably with a little bit of reverb). Could you tell me anything, or point me were I can find out out it?
  2. Hi all, Long time visitor, this is my first remix. It's Gerudo Valley from OoT remixed in the style of Monkey Island. http://media.putfile.com/Gerudo-Valley-Monkey-Island-Remix-WIP-v0-9 Any and all comments and criticism would be loved!
  3. Thanks for the help I never knew how many trail versions there were on the net 0_0 I searched around and was able to find LAME to work with Audacity.
  4. Made in Reason. Can only seem to export in wav and aiff.
  5. Hi, I've been coming here for some years and now I've made my own remix/arrangement. I'd like to post it as a WIP and get some feedback, but I don't know how to export as an mp3 or other smaller file type. Can anyone help me?