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    I'm mad I know that much, I like to draw (Find Hamsterbag on www.devinatart.com to look at mi pic's!) I LOVE GAME THEMES!!!! (expeshally BOF). Oh and I'm kinda bad at spelling... C Ya around!
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    Mi house? what else? (okay the bird house as well)

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  1. Okay then Einestine, Give me one of these names!
  2. Heh, I can't though thats the prob. I have to use the school internet and even then it blocks the uses of Winamp and remixing programs. Also the cheapest Broadband going is just over £20 ($39.50) a month...
  3. Okay, I'll try to talk them into it... not sure they'll agree cos our bill is realy low... as for the broadband rates they're 10 times as expensize! Hmm... I could always bribe them, but I don't think that will work neither...
  4. Hi! Blue Phoenix comin' in for some mayhem! I've only been here 5 secs and already I've lost all sence of direction! (Tipical me, naf intro's). Anyway... I'm kinda lost but first of and the most important thing... I'VE NEVER REMIXED BEFORE!!!! How do you do it? Do you break you kneck at the keypad? Or do you get hypnotised by the computer screen? Or is it one of those things where you end up standing on your back? Also how do you talk your parents into getting broad band? (for all who doesn't know what that is it's an internet fee you pay at a fixed rate a month) I need it so I can for ever be remixing (when I get the hang of it)! Plus does any one know where I can get some pieces to remix that haven't been remixed yet? Or even better some requests! I'm burbling aren't I? oh well... One more crazy kid to add to the pack... MWHHAAAAA!!!!! Let the mayhem begin!
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