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  1. I ended up going with the iPod. The Zen was really tempting, but I liked the way the software for Zune and ipod organized my library for me (I don't even remeber where half the stuff on my hard drive is anymore I'm so unorganized). However, the Zune was quickly outed because I couldn't play all the media formats I could with the iPod, and because the Zune store is run off microsoft points, the same retarded system xbox 360 uses. Most people probably already know why MS points suck, but in case you don't: Basically, you can only buy points in $5 increments, for 400 points. 400 for $5, 800 for $10, and so on. They usually price albums at right above a 400 mark (a new CD is, for example, 1280), so you have to buy the next increment up to get what you want. Spending $20 on points to get a $15.30 item is annoying.
  2. I <3 you guys. Thanks for all the opinons. I got my player now, and I'm happy. PS: Figures, I just get my player, and there's the last episode of the podcast T_T
  3. sounds like the Zen is the way to go. My only final concern is the stuff I've bought over Itunes in the past. The Zune interface can't even load the purcahsed songs. For the Zen, i'd just drop them in a folder and they would be automatically recognized? Sounds easy enough for even me.
  4. last questions, then I'm done: With the Zen, can I put together playlists on the unit to listen to? Also, can I import itunes format music? That's where I've gotten most of my music from. Finally: (yes, I'm totally oblivious to how these things work) will I be able to upload podcasts and things like downloaded anime episodes to something like the zen?
  5. what/where is the converting program? Zune is definately out. It's between the Zen and iPod.
  6. In all honesty, ease of use is a must. I'm not too tech savvy. That's probably the biggest interest of the iPod, was to link up to iTunes. If the Zune or this Zen is easy to use though...
  7. I've honestly never heard of that one...
  8. I've been a longtime visitor/listenor to OCremix, but never really posted (didn't really have anything important to say or technical skills to offer, so I just kept quiet.) Recently, I just got a new job, and really want to treat myself to getting rid of the old minidisc player with my first check. You guys know more about music than any other group I know of, so I thought you all would be the best to ask: Which would you recomend, the iPod, or the Zune?
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