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  1. Agh, gonna have to shave this mustache. I haven't touched a horn or a razor since the 4th! I'm excited.
  2. Maybe he got busy with that Blight thing he was working on? Either way, he hasn't logged here in over a month.
  3. Cheapo r144. I wasn't about to borrow something insanely expensive. For being as cheap as it is, it sounded pretty good, so I got one of my own. It's what I used to record the previously posted Tom Waits song. There were some room noise issues, but not too bad. Six tracks without too many problems.
  4. Alrighty. Got my own ribbon so that I don't have to borrow! Now all I need is a lead trumpet part to play along with.
  5. As soon as that lead trumpet part comes in, I'll be right on it.
  6. I guess Haunted House needs a name if you think we're submitting these bad boys. Does the whole flatulence theme work for this track as well?
  7. I've got some better recording ability. Bought a mobile pre and borrowed a ribbon from a buddy. Got six tracks going without too much background noise. Recorded a bone version of Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis for Sign Guy Records. I played five trombone parts and sang. Some of the really screaming lead parts needed some autotune, but I think it sounds much better than the previous noisy recordings. Check it out.
  8. Yep, it's there when I log out. When I log in, it all goes away. Weird. EDIT: I wonder if it's because the invite was sent to my Yahoo account. Try adding bfratto at gmail to the list.
  9. I couldn't find the "reply" button on the Google group if my life depended on it.
  10. The comments are probably because it's kinda bad and extremely out of tune on every sustained note. Not to piss in your cereal or anything. Looking forward to playing some big band!
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