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  1. Hi Bahamut! I've sent you a pm.. I'm really interested in participating the project. I sent you some songs / remixes as a proof of quality.
  2. Thanks Feyhd. Yeah, it gets a bit crowded because of the combination of the synths. In that part, there's like 14 midi tracks at the same time.. and the number of different tracks / synths used in this song is kinda crazy, like 60 hahah. I tried my best panning / eqing the mudness out, but sometimes it was kinda hard, because I felt that if I took too much, the sounds became thin.
  3. Hi people! After many years just watching, studying and developing my musical skills, I'm finally posting something here. I did this for the Horizon Chase remix contest. My purpose was to show the evolution of Barry Leitch's OST (Top Gear, Lotus, etc), from 8 bit onward. I'm thinking about submiting the song to the site, but I'd like to hear your opinions first! Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the tips oh one thing, there is no outro, the song isn't finished yet ^^... I will try to fix that and I will re-post later one thing... forget the sound quality, do you think that the song structure is good? The evaluation and notes I choose?
  5. Well, hello everybody. I'm new here, but I've been acessing ocremix for a long time, and it gave me motivation to start trying to remix after seeing so many cool songs . I am very new to this thing, got Fruity Loops one week ago, so the remix is nothing amazing, but I will try my best to improve and submit to ocremix The song I am remixing has no title yet, it is Frog Forest from Sonic Heroes, well I don't reaaally like the game, but the music is very very good. Any suggestion would be welcome. The song isn't finished yet, I will do it up to 3:30 / 4 minutes I did a little variation of the th
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