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  1. So I've started listening to raw chiptunes again, and one thing that bothers me about the GBA chip emulator/Winamp plugin Highly Advanced is that there's apparently no resampling options. There's a chance the plugin is auto-resampling them I guess, but they still sound pretty bad. What do you recommend for this?
  2. This is definitely my favorite site project. Almost everything here is of the utmost quality; very very impressive. Favorites include Knuckleduster, Breathtaking Vision, Dead Batteries, and Walk on Water. I usually don't like vocals in my remixes, but Knuckleduster has definitely clarified that they can be done, and quite well. Walk on Water is genius, especially with that Act 2 transition. We need more of that Act 2 love in Sonic mixes. Elevator Music reminds me of Monkey Ball for some reason lol. GREAT JOB Oh yeah. I can't seem to get the flash project site to work any more.
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