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  1. Wow...Amazing, amazing (and thorough) stuff, everybody. Thank you so much! I think anyone might be able to come out with a slammin' CD based on these suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Hey OCRemixers, I've been a long-time OC Remix...Well, lurker, I guess you'd say. Been visiting it for a while now (One of the first remixes I ever downloaded was AE's Mega Man 2 "Air Man" remix - Good stuff), and wanted to ask the whole lot of you your opinion - I'd like to put together a good workout/running mix, and was wondering what the best "workout-friendly" mixes on the site were. Something thumpin' with a good, steady rhythm. For a comparison, I used to work out to the Wipeout 3 (Wip3out) soundtrack, which worked great. Would love some suggestions along those lines. Opinions? Thanks so much for your time/ideas in advance, everyone! - lordmoneyg
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