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  1. Sorry to let this carry over to the topic, but are you ignoring your previous statement of giving me a constructive review KFC?
  2. Hey Jive, you told me a long way back you were working on a Doomsday remix. What happened to it?
  3. Did I miss something? KFC still hasn't PMed me or posted anything in a long time. Is he gone?
  4. Believe me KFC, I do not think that you are not a sonic fan because of your name, much less that I think you are not a fan at all. Its just that if you asked anyone from the sonic community what they would like, they would like to hear all the songs remixed, unabridged, and to share the same continuity the originals' had in the game. So when I said what I desire, what I meant is what the die-hard fans generally desire. Don't get me wrong, I like what we have so far. I hardly doubt that fans will be very disapointed. I'm saying that if everyone decided to do what "sounds better", we're going to have 5 songs on this album that have anything to do with the game. On another note, it doesn't help me remix something by telling me to start over. Its like saying my WIP sucks. How the hell am I supposed to know what I did right and wrong? I've had numerous people tell me how they love the track, and several others who encouraged me to work more on it. I cannot believe my song is that bad. You told me what I already knew was bad- the samples, the messy "drum solo", the sax... *still does not know where the sax came in*. It is all supposed to be a placeholder anyways. I don't have an extra 100 dollars I can put down for symphony orchestra samples at any time I want as I have so many other expenses. I know you are more capable of telling me what is musically wrong than telling me to start over. BTW: I apologize Snappleman. In an earlier post someone said that Final Boss came after Doomsday, and you went along with it. I assumed you thought this was the truth rather than thinking it was a technical aspect.
  5. Hey Snapple, you have it confused. The final boss (after the death egg zone) is before doomsday zone. Its unfortunately too late by now, but if its not, try it. EDIT: Never mind. I fear this whole album is going to be butchered in its continuity. This is a Sonic 3 & Knuckles album and instead its coming together in a conglomerate of remixes. First it was the Sonic 3 ending, now the rearrangement of order. We're just going to end up with a mess of idea's that share no common thread on this CD if more people decide to go off on their own tangent. I don't want to critisize you KFC because it takes a lot of work to keep this going, but you need to be more of a sonic fan to really care about it. I do not know your intentions, but they are clearly not to make a full remix of every song in S3&K as I desire. My wish is not to manage this, but for you to apreciate what you are doing. You are heading the first S3&K remix album, quite possibly the most anticipated set of remixes of all time. Please do not fuck this up by steering away from peoples' expectations.
  6. I never knew I included a sax into my song.... anyone want to take a listen and see if the bitrate boogeyman added it?
  7. http://www.ic-musicmedia.com/artist_pages/artistpage.php?id=102978 May 22? Sheesh... I'll try.... heh
  8. We get told to shut up about the discussion of the credits, yet all of you keep going on talking about how your opinion is better. Look, I still want you guys to work on the Sonic 3 credits, but can you please try the real credits? I can garuntee that some of the hardcore fans that like these remixes will be sorely disappointed. Do you guys care? Probably not. I'm just saying if you are doing this for a little posterity, just take a wack at the S3&K ending (I'm sure KFC will allow that). BTW: Listen to it instead of assume what the ending is. There are some cool original parts within it.
  9. Nice, but this doesn't appear in S3&K, like I said before. For all those who don't know, Sonic & Knuckles featured a add-in slot that allowed you to play past games with knuckles. Sonic 3 & Knuckles was designed as one game, but produced with two cartridges. Thats why there is so much continuity between the two games.
  10. I dunno, I sort of disagree on that - we already have all the songs here, and a remix of the real ending, unless extremely well-done, would just be a regular remix but with as many tunes crammed in as possible and not enough attention paid to the song itself. Mind you, there is some original melody that deserves to be remixed. Personally, I'm not that impressed by his remix. I'm not going to go in depth about melody and its cohesiveness, because that would make me a hypocrite. However, I will say the real ending would appeal to everybody moreso than doing a different games' ending for the xth time.
  11. I guess the main problem is you never hear it throughout the course of S3&K, and no one is doing the real ending. It would be so much more interesting to hear a remix of essentially every song in one track.
  12. Um, I'm a little confused. Why are you remixing Sonic 3's ending theme?
  13. Well, I have much to do, so I might as well throw a name into the proverbial hat: Chaos of the Floating Island. Hedgehog Heaven had nothing to do with the story of Sonic 2, and I hope this remix album does. After all, it DOES take place on a crashed floating island.
  14. Deadline is actually tommorow, and from what I take it, KFC is going to give us much time to work on our WIP's before weeding them out. Kind of pointless to vote anyways right now. There is only a few entries that have two or more people working on the same song. Besides, I need a chance to get rid of my crappy violins and replace them with either a real violin track or better samples.
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