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  1. Yeah I look like an idiot right about now. I posted this up, and didn't see it on the thread list for like a week, so I posted it again figuring I'd done something wrong. I check back today and find the original thread I made has shown up. I'm a derp. Thanks for your input Dafydd. I'm definitely not done with this, it seems the general consensus is that the upbeat parts aren't as good as the other sections.
  2. Thanks a lot guys, this is exactly the sort of stuff I was looking for. I'll do some touch ups with this in mind and post a new revision! As for the panned FX, I was going for a Metroid Prime-ish feel with that. I dunno if I succeeded or not, but if it's "annoying on the ears" I probably didn't do so hot of a job. Stay tuned for a new version.
  3. Hey all. Long time listener, first time poster! I've been making music for around 6 years now, and this is the first time I feel confident posting one of my works up here. It's a remix of the Red Soil Area song from Super Metroid. As it is, it's mostly finished, but I'd love some professional feedback. Critique away, guys! http://drop.io/Kabukimusic/asset/red-eye-brinstar
  4. Hey all. Long time listener, first time poster. I've recently put the finishing touches on a remix of Brinstar's Red Soil Area song, from Super Metroid. I feel like I'm ready to start getting professional feedback, so any comments are welcome so long as they are constructive. The song can be heard on my drop.io page: http://drop.io/Kabukimusic/asset/red-eye-brinstar
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