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  1. I've been lurking for about 2 years and I was really surprised when I got an email today which said that the project was released ^^ I totally didn't expect this, thought we had to wait for at least 3 more months. This really made my day. The album is awesome!
  2. About Baten Kaitos.. are there any songs that are remixed from Baten Kaitos? I couldn't find anything. Some songs are really cool ^^
  3. 4 songs to go? By the way, I was wondering about this... how do you guys make those remixes? Do you all have some kind of band? *just curiosity*
  4. I also got here because of youtube. The fighting of the spirit remix from s.s.h was music for a video there, so I searched and came here It's really super and I'm looking forward to this music But s.s.h is different and has nothing to do with this project?
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