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  1. I tried Gamemaker 6 and it was decent, I was starting to like it. Though I was heading more towards RPG game-making so I ended up with RPGMaker. Try making simple things first to test them out and see which programs are less annoying then others That's how I usually decide on things.
  2. Thanks for all the reply. Thanks, I will try it. I've lowered my DAW's option and settings to lower the extensive lag-time, now it seems workable. Yeah, I do need a new machine in order to dive deeper into world of music productions. I am currently financing for one, so wish me luck hahaha. Btw, a question to FruityLoops users: I can't figure out why FruityLoops isn't recording what I play into the PianoRoll. Instead, it just records random notes into the step-sequencer. Is it because of the above hardware problems?
  3. Thanks for the reply, I'm planning to use my midi-input device to compose in the computer. I'm planning to use it with, mainly, FruityLoops. I'm still looking for composer softwares, but I am currently using GuitarPro 5 and Noteworthy at the moment. So far, I've been using it with GuitarPro5 and Noteworthy and it seems to recognize my midi-input device. Although I've successfully inputed notes into the program with my input deivce, the lag-time is still there. I haven't yet tried to use it with FruityLoops because it takes up a great deal of my CPU's power and I am fairly new with the progra
  4. Hi, I've recently purchased a Yamaha PSR-K1 so I could use it as a midi-input device. After I completed the installation, I noticed that there's a little lag-time between each key pressed. Does that mean I need to upgrade my computer or is it simply a setup problem? Also, can I transfer the soundfonts from my midi-keyboard to the computer so I could use it on my composition?
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I've just experienced several computer problems during the past few days, not to mention a great deal of school projects to top it off. Anyways, I've figured my own question. It was simply due to my lack of knowledge and experience on using Fruityloops (mind you, I just recently purchased the program). I forgot to set the VST Plug-in. Thats why when I tried to make a VST1 Channel, the plug-in just wouldn't show. I just forgot to to add it to the list first lol... anyways, thanks tho Zircon =) p.s. you're truly are an inspiration
  6. Sorry for not being clear, I was on a rush this morning. What I wanted to say was, what kind of sound font did you use before you began editing the sound using the VST Synth1 plug-in, because, 3xOsc came with a default sound that you can edit with. I wanted to know what you used, or what kind of stuff you generally look for, to get started on synthesizing.
  7. Wow, very nice tutorials zircon. Very professional. I though the examples are really good and it helped a lot. Though I have one question, for the synthesizers tutorial, what sound did you start off with before you insert the Synth1 plug in? Did you start with 3xOsc or sound fonts?
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