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  1. in and i think i need to write a have to write a java program for cellphones 134340
  2. i dont know about you guys but i would find it convenient to play games in crunch wrap supreme fashion. How many of you have a cell phone with javascript game support which could play an email based game? basically no time limit. then perhaps a bonus round in which you would play with random chess rules, look it up under bobby fisher. what about bar chess? ya know the game with a 6x6 board with one rook, one bishop, and 6 pawns... anyhow heres to hoping ive inspired someone.
  3. So am i in teh semis? sorry ive been working quite a bit recently. A friend at work is interested in joining but hes not computer savvy... anyhow.. sorry i missed the group invites the past copule days and ill see you guys in cyber space
  4. yes, yes it does. and ive been thinking about it all day. way to tattoo it into my mind. gosh.i just got greedy for his rook. . . im in need of some tact maybe? There will be other games!
  5. i wanna play more gaaaiii11Iiiiimmzzee! aim me tonight!
  6. 1-0 vs. thwack http://gc1.iggamecenter.com/gm.php?gid=1&sid=18276&place=0〈=en
  7. you can find me, at the center, google, game center, its just like a mini, maul.
  8. i think its cool how reg tourneys have multiple matches. perhaps we could do the best out of three next time around? i would help people size each other up. perhaps more activity?
  9. ya know, im in for the long haul. (dolittlesmash) 0-1 before i even started hahahah
  10. awesome, i cant wait... ive been practicing!
  11. whats up with that... im on igoogle now
  12. just beat jam stunna, anyone else want to play?
  13. Ill be home all day so if anyone wants to play give me a holla on aim, Dolittlesmash
  14. Feeling a little punching baggish... perhaps the next shall be different. Despite that, where is the rest of the competition? at least im playing! why am i getting drunk before an interview?
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