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  1. because I just posted a subject about using the slayer guitar sounds with guitar rig2 as the distortion. the slayer sucks with that. I want to individually record a set of strings rather than just record one string and change its pitch. if I just change the pitch it sound like crap! I also said that Im not skilled enough for the solos that I need to make. and if you really need to know why I dont just practice the solo and get better at it well fine. a little while ago I mangled my finger in a machining accident and I can hardly play the guitar right now. I want to use a piano roll as a temporary solution to playing the guitar. question answered? and OverCoat. thanks for your quick clean answer! I was thinking about that earlier at work today...
  2. well the title pretty much explains it all! I just want to know a way to set up a channel that each key has its own individual sound. rather than changing the pitch of one sound effect. I want to do this because... yeah, the slayer sucks! > ...I would rather just record my guitar.
  3. ah I'll just record my guitar. remember the reason I said I dont want to use my guitar and just record it, is because Im not skilled enough for how accurate I need it. not like simple power chords and stuff. I need it for stuff like fast sweeps and other type of solo's. thanks anyways though!
  4. I was confused a first but I fugured it out! thanks for the help guys! man the guitar rig gives such great distortion on the slayer. it pretty much sounds like a real guitar recording. well it better give a good distortion. that program costed more than fl sudio xxl producer addition itself XD
  5. okay, so I have a great distortion software that I got for my guitar called guitar rig. I found out that I can add guitar rig as a channel into fl studio. the distortions on the slayer 2 are not that good for the song Im making. so Im wondering if there is a way I can link the two channels to make the clean guitar sounds from the slayer2, go through guitar rig. the reason I dont want to just use my guitar and record it, is because I need it to be very accurate. honestly, I dont have enough experience and skill for how accurate I need it... any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  6. I am trying to make music for an RTS game. Im mostly into making more of rock and electro so its difficult for me to make this type of music. my main problem is getting the strong, orchestra drums you hear in the background. is there a plugin I can use to make this? or a sound pack maybe? if you still trying to figure out what type of music Im talking about check out this link. http://www.directsong.com/
  7. thanks Leah! you explained it perfectly!
  8. actually I was talking about both of your suggestions, but more of ddrkirby's. Im pretty new to the XXL edition of friuty loops so Im still trying to figure everthing out. hey ddrkirby, Im still tring to figure out where the parametric EQ is. where is the mixer FX section?
  9. yeah but I actually want to have the frequency or pitch change with a fade. not just have it stay with the same pitch or frequency. Im not sure if Im using the right term when I say frequency. what I meen by that, is have a fade that starts off with only low bass sounds, and then its fades with more treble... its hard to explain... I want the pitch to change with a fade so I cant make more realistic guitar sounds, like bends, with the slayer 2.
  10. Im trying to edit the frequency or pitch fade in my song. I cant find a way to open it in the audio section. I can find the volume fade, and the panning fade, but no fade to change the pitch! if you dont know what Im talking about, open the daven-tesseract sample and look down in the audio section. how can I open up the same thing in my song?
  11. Does anyone know where I can get guitar tabs for SnappleMans remix, Malicious Fingers? The remix is so catchy I want to learn how to play it on my guitar. a guitar pro tab would be the best! Thanks!
  12. the sytrus looks like a very powerful plugin but I cant figure out how to really work with it. is there an article out there that teaches you how to use it?
  13. Im tying to use the slayer2fx as a effects input for my guitar. everytime I click "channels/add one/slayer2fx" a message box comes up that says "error/cant load an effect into a channel". if I cant load it into a channel then where do I load it?
  14. I was wondering if you can do different variations with the slayer2. such as the whammy bar, slides, vibratos, pitched harmonics, ect.
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