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  1. Her talk about Super Princess Peach didn't really make much sense to me. If you actually play the game, you understand that it's void of any PMS joke about frantic female emotions. The whole point of the Vibe scepter is that it throws people's emotions out of control. That's how Bowser's minions were able to kidnap Mario and Luigi in the first place. Hell, even Bowser doesn't have complete control over the scepter and experiences the exact same "mood swings" as every other character in the game when he uses it. Peach benefits from not being effected by the scepter at all. In other words, while everyone else on the island has their emotions thrown out of whack, Princess Peach is the only character who does, in fact, have complete control over them. Not only that, but the idea of using emotions to attack others doesn't seem delved in any sort of gendered stereotype to me. I think we can safely say that we've seen rage and sadness used as weapons of sorts for a variety of characters, regardless of gender.
  2. Ah, but I've already found one for that song. It isn't from this site however. Here you go. This one was done by Tarolabo. . The original video for the remix. But beware. The visuals may cause harm.
  3. Yes, that game does have a number of tracks that could be remixed. A shame that there aren't many(good ones), as I would like to hear more. Brawl remixed nothing from that game, which also upset me.
  4. The music that plays when you're fighting Dark Matter, right before you fight 0. The music is in the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xtr2Sceq_Iw Maybe I am one of the few who actually like his theme, but can anyone do any remixes for this? I would really be grateful so thanks in advance. Really, this topic should be asking for a Lucky Number remix from Gold/Silver/Crystal, but I figure the Pokemon project will probably cover that. >_>
  5. Pushing this up. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. No Majora's Mask remixes have made it on Ocremix if I heard right, but I'd still like to see one.
  7. I too would like to see a rock version of this. Or even a techno version. Until then, I guess Stallord's boss mucis from Twilight Princess in the next best thing.
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