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  1. Ah, yeah, I saw that thread earlier and intended to download it, but I totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder. >_>
  2. Clash on the Big Bridge, also known as Battle with Gilgamesh, is the theme of Gilgamesh in FFV. The Black Mages did a version as well, and it also had an arrangement in FFXII. It's a very good song, but it's also under appreciated. Other then the three "official" versions of the song (the versions from FFV, FFXII, and the Black Mages), I only have one remix of this track. This is probably my favorite FF song, so this saddens me. The place I can find the MP3 of the original version requires registration, and I'm sure no one likes that, so here are links to the other two versions: FFXII (Track 313): Black Mages (Track 2):