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  1. Official first post, the post I registered in order to...post. Of course, that should only make my coming comments all the more heartfelt and believeable. I've been a fan of gaming music since at least 1990 (before the music got good, in retrospect), and gaming music has been THE music of my life, for better or worse. Eighty years from now, I'll probably still be rockin' out to music from FF, Soul Calibur, Castlevania, etc. As such, OCRemix has been a godsend for me, allowing me to expand my fascination with gaming music into strange new places. The thought of remixing professional compositions into opuses that sometimes exceed the originals is mind-boggling to me. But anyway, I wanted to drop in and give the bulk of my props to Hadyn for his work "Three Ring Nightfall". It's not my favorite remixed composition, but I think it's the best remixed piece of music I've heard. Most of my other favorites - such as Seized with Fury (FFVI), Curse Curse Revolution (Castlevania IV), Sudden Death (Super Metroid), Army Girl (SSF2T) - were based off of pieces that I had loved for years. "Carnival Night Zone", in contrast, was a piece that would irritate me to no end whenenever I would play Sonic 3. The games usually stood out for having catchy, bouncy highly-synthesized bits of awesome, but that track was most certainly an exception. To think about it, I wouldn't even know how to approach that tune with the intent on bettering it. But nonetheless, Hadyn took that lump of coal, squeezed it in his mighty grip, and out popped a diamond. No other track that I've heard on this site has improved on its source material more than has "Three Ring Nightfall". It works well as background music for when I'm 'puting or as front-and-center music for Ipodding. It strikes the perfect balance of ambience and sweeping melody. Full props to you, Hadyn; I am in awe. And I'll be sure to look out for your future work.
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