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  1. I'm afraid I only saw this a few days ago. I've started on an idea, but I'm not positive I'll have it finished in time.
  2. Was stuck for the longest time, but it's finally coming together. I'll have something to submit tomorrow night, even if it's not quite finished.
  3. This'll be a good way to break in my brand new computer.
  4. I'm afraid I haven't had time the past few weeks to do anything, but even if I had, I just don't understand this prompt at all.
  5. *looks at theme description* Er, how did "stomach fortitude" turn into "digestinal fortitude"? I mean, as portmanteaus go, that one's pretty slick, I'm just wondering... EDIT: Actually, now that I look at it, several things have changed from my original prompt. Is there a reason for that?
  6. As per my post, I sent Nick a selection of themes, and he's made his decision, and I've passed it on to Abadoss. Should be fun!
  7. Thanks, that's very gracious of you! I actually have a few ideas, so how about if I send them to you, and you choose one?
  8. Congratulations, Nicholas Singer, and thanks everybody for your feedback! Can't wait until next round.
  9. Holy crap, these are all awesome! Voting is going to be hard this round! Well, I mean, I'm not including my own there because I can't vote on it anyway, but I sorta thought mine was good, too.
  10. That's probably more the case, now that I think about it. If I hadn't done mine in the first week of the competition, there's no way I'd have had time with the start of the new semester. Even so, it took me some thinking around the theme before I came up with a good way to approach it. I really did appreciate the challenge, and it led me to do some new things that I'm rather proud of! Looking forward to hearing both of your tracks!
  11. At first I read that as "Pah-ool-ee-ong" and was wondering if that was Vietnamese... But, yes, please do enter! This competition is wicked fun! If we extended the deadline to this Saturday, would that allow jabond23 and Nicholas Singer to enter? Or should we take longer? I don't want to rush anyone, but I also think we shouldn't take too long before serving up another theme, if this one didn't resonate with a lot of people. And, sorry, Nicholas, it worked for me! Sometimes it's hard to predict how well a theme will do, though I've noticed that most of the themes that falter are either too specific or too broad. This one might have leaned toward too specific. But once again, it's a crapshoot. I seem to remember seeing people posting their interest on other boards, and then they just didn't turn up.
  12. If you want to extend it, that's fine with me. If you want to start a new round with a new theme, that's also fine. Or jabond23 and I can square off in a steel cage deathmatch. I'm actually really happy with the piece I made either way, so the compo has served its purpose for me.
  13. Some of your sample themes are brilliant. I totally want to see a CMC with the theme "Zombie Horde"!
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