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  1. I am Looking For Some Real Nice Brass and woodwinds soundfonts...anyone got any really nice ones they are willing to share?
  2. Lol yea...a harmonnica...I play alot of instruments...but not alot of instruments that are computer friendly.
  3. well im on a 5.15 dollar an hr salary...so bout 500 dollars. umm i have A guitar...that sums it up...I have a soundblast...not so great speakers. Umm...i play many instruments..piano, guitar, violin, Trumpet...few other unimportaint like harmonica. I am wanting to mix Symphonic type music mostly.. Im runnin an AMD athlon 64. 2Ghz. I have 512 Mb memory(i am uppin it to 2g's in a few months) Yes i really want to go for it. I had stuff to "Try" and it mostly sucked or broke...But i loved it and a few ppl told me i was pretty good. I am looking for the best quality for the lowest dollar u kno...an
  4. Im Wanting to do mixes...but i am a lil short on cash. is here an Good equipment i can buy pretty cheap? Brands, software, etc. an info will help alot...thank you.
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