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    I'm a percussionist, but I'm very musically inclined.
    I drum in a band.
    Composing is a hobby that I'm fairly new at ^^
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  1. What I'm looking for is rapid repetition of the same note, like a vibrato, I guess. What I'm getting from all the people I've asked is that the only way to do that is with 32nd notes.
  2. Is there a way to do trills without the notes going up and down, besides just putting in 32nd notes? (I'm trying to do marimba rolls.) If not that's really obnoxious xD
  3. Frequently used song, I know. My first ReMix. Anyway I submitted it and it got teh rejectedzorz. Constructive feedback much appreciated. Link: http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/129292/Into-the-Lava-Reefs-mp3.html
  4. I'm new. I joined right after I finished my first piece on Finale, which happened to be a "ReMix" of Lava Reef Zone. xD I submitted it via email last night. But I'm wondering, how do I know when my submission has been accepted, and where do I go to listen to it once it has been?
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