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  1. Hey OCR forum members, I got this old mix I did long ago of the Jolly Roger Bay/Dire Dire Docks song from Super Mario 64. Kinda downtempo/chill/ambient kinda thing, because I just love this kind of music, stuff you can put on and practically forget you're listening to because it's so peaceful. http://wolfodonnel486.googlepages.com/SM64-ChoirDocks.mp3 I made it, what, almost two years ago to the day, but never got around to posting it anywhere beyond my own site. If you guys have any suggestions to how I could improve it, possibly even make it OCR-worthy, let me know and I'll see what i can do to improve it! If anyone wants to work on it themselves, I made it in Reason 3.0, and I'm more than willing to share the RSN and turn this into a collaboration piece! The name is also horribly cheesy in my opinion, my naming skills are about as great as my music-making skills, so if anyone can think of anything better, please throw me a bone, and lemme know what you think it should be named.
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