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  1. (Sorry for not finding a more elegant way to express this in the title :<)

    Ever been listening with music on shuffle and had a song transition into the next so fluidly, you didn't even notice they were separate tracks? Dale North's Lunar Remix (

    ) transitions so perfectly into OA's Terranigma remix (
    ) that I didn't realise I was hearing a different track until after both had finished playing. Despite the change from 4/4 to 3/4, the same tempo and key make for a really good transition. It's wonderful.

    If anyone else has noticed something like this with other tracks, share it!

  2. hmmmmm yea the Digitally imported thing helps a tonnnnn.. that sounds like an amazing source.. and i may be new to the genre but im not so new that I dont know who tiesto and AVB is lol :tomatoface:

    If you use itunes, Armin van Buuren has a really popular podcast called A State of Trance, which I've found some great artists from. In particular I'd recommend

  3. I don't post here all that often, but I thought perhaps I could get some help with this. I've noticed a lot of guides on creating effective synth parts recommend layering several tracks on top of each other - I've tried to do it myself but I have utterly no idea how to get it right. Whenever I make 2 synth patches and layer them together it just sounds like a mess. Can anyone give me some tips?

  4. I have nothing against the use of presets in music (or loops and sample packs, for that matter) but I think it's slightly disappointing that some people don't ever explore the possibilities that synths offer. I still think it's amazing that a synth lets you actually create a new sound and I wish more people were inclined to experiment.

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