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  1. Addictive. thanks to the UK guys for playing this one at the Alcon panel the other day - I must be on at least my 10th listen by now.
  2. Hoho I was being a right bastard, yes. Guess I love video game music too much...
  3. Woop. Was a great, great show, the highlight easily being Proto's last performance. Hope OCR will be back next year!
  4. Looking forward to it! i'll be there fangasming harder than everyone else.
  5. Another article critical about the pitch. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407046,00.asp They don't think the console will ever get made.
  6. (Sorry for not finding a more elegant way to express this in the title ) Ever been listening with music on shuffle and had a song transition into the next so fluidly, you didn't even notice they were separate tracks? Dale North's Lunar Remix ( ) transitions so perfectly into OA's Terranigma remix ( ) that I didn't realise I was hearing a different track until after both had finished playing. Despite the change from 4/4 to 3/4, the same tempo and key make for a really good transition. It's wonderful.If anyone else has noticed something like this with other tracks, share it!
  7. Ever since i first played it, Grandia was my single favourite game. He was awesome.
  8. Not sure if it's been linked already, but this is a nice read. I really the console's potential doesn't go to waste.
  9. If you use itunes, Armin van Buuren has a really popular podcast called A State of Trance, which I've found some great artists from. In particular I'd recommend , , and .
  10. Oh man oh man oh man. Consider me entered. <3 for good measure: I LOVE YOU UEMATSU <3<3<3
  11. I don't post here all that often, but I thought perhaps I could get some help with this. I've noticed a lot of guides on creating effective synth parts recommend layering several tracks on top of each other - I've tried to do it myself but I have utterly no idea how to get it right. Whenever I make 2 synth patches and layer them together it just sounds like a mess. Can anyone give me some tips?
  12. Damn good mix! Made me remember why I love FFVIII's soundtrack so much. Definitely wanna see more of this trio!
  13. Ah, I was going to point that out. I'm kind of anal about tags.
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