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    I'm 31. I'm very friendly, very, very, very easy to get along with. I'm a really nice guy. Not a fighting type (wanting to beat someone up). My hobbies are playing video games, music, computers, and the Internet. My dream job is to be a Video Game Music Composer for Konami. I was inspired by the video on my PSU CD Mag 2.4, of Stewart Copeland showing how game music is made. It looked like something I could do. I mean, look at my interests. All of my interests combine into one with that job. So, I figured it was the most perfect job for me. I'm a high school graduate. I have a learning disability. I like video games, music (playing /or making), computers, and the Internet. Game systems that I own: PS1, PS2 (slim version). Most favorite game or game series of all time: Metroid. Most favorite game(s) on PS1: Syphon Filter (the series). Most favorite game(s) on PS2: Gradius V, Zone Of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. It seems like most of the games I like are very stellar, jaggy, and futuristic. My favorite brand of pop is Pepsi, My favorite game developer is Konami, My favorite brand for electronics is Sony, My favorite brand for vehicles is Chevrolet, My most favorite company for all entertainment is Warner Bros., My favorite company for music is Warner Bros. Records, My favorite car and the car that I want is the newest Torch Red Corvette (Coupe). The music I like is Techno, Rave, Rock, Synth Rock, Game, Techno Ambient, Trance, Pop, Synth Pop, Metal, Space, Pop Ambient, and Experimental/Electro/Techno. Artists I like: Depeche Mode, Jan Hammer, Tears for Fears, Van Halen, and Creed. For movies, I like: the Terminator Series, any movie with Jim Carrey. For TV, like: Full House (my most favorite show of all time), Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Emeril Live, The Simpsons, American Chopper (sometimes), WWE(etc.), and Good Eats.
    Status: Single
    Orientation: Straight
    Body type: 5' 8" / Average
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
    Religion: Christian - other
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
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    Jeromy Weeks

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  1. You won't believe where I got the synth toms from. I got them from the Full House theme. They're exactly the kind of synth toms I needed. If only FL Studio had toms like those. I wouldn't have needed to do that.
  2. http://h1.ripway.com/TronTek/TronTek-Metroid-Brinstar(SynthPopMix)1.2.mp3 Ok, I made some improvements. I hope you're happy with the tempo because I had some difficulties with the song cutting off abruptly like a few seconds into the fade out in the end when it got saved. So, I had to leave the tempo where it is.
  3. I actually just did a lot of corrections like, added panning to the drums, the synth strings (made it sound more spread out), the guitar, and the arp. I took care of the volumes between the instruments and you should be able to hear things better. I turned up the sawtooth, turned the synth strings down some, turned the arp up more and you should be able to hear it all the way through the song, I made sure you were able to hear the sawtooths all the way through the song, turned the guitar down just a tad, turned the acid moog down somewhat as well and is not as loud. I hope that helps. Actually, in the beginning, I was intending on using a different type of snare. I was looking for more of a pop gate kind of snare. I can only use what they got. Synth percussion sounds thinner and it has to be Synth Pop percussion. I go by Depeche Mode because they invented Synth Pop and they're the Kings of Synth Pop, and they're like one of the best damn bands in the world. They make the best music in the world, other than some other bands or artists.
  4. It's not too repetitive and not close to the original, we have to be able to at least identify what song it is from the game. The sound quality is alright. Other things to notice: it's not creepy like in the game. You gotta capture that creepy feeling you get when you play the game. That song is of the stone hall that goes around the corner, so, it has to be like, "dare I look around the corner" kind of feeling.
  5. Synth Pop seems to be my strong point on the type of music to remix songs to. Do you think I could stick to Synth Pop as my choice for remixing songs to? And use those instruments that are in this song. Because, that's my music style, and that's Synth Pop. And, the next song I make wouldn't be so close to the original either.
  6. It's not MIDI man. I made that from scratch. Some of the notes in the MIDI version are not correct to the original song in the game. Why do you think it's MIDI? Because it's so accurate? I listened carefully to each sound channel individually in the game. That's how I was able to make it so accurate. I made a track of each individual sound channel. I was afraid it would be misjudged for MIDI. Oh, and I already started doing some panning with the drums, the synth strings (more expanded), the moog chorus clean guitar which I made from the synth bass, and the moog chorus clean guitar is the arp, and also did some panning with the synth toms. The drums are synth by the way, like the hats, and is why they sound the way they do. I panned the slight triangle too. I hope that takes care of things for you guys.
  7. Yeah, I wasn't sure whether to call it an arrangment or not before I saved it. The saw is the two melodies from the beginning. The instrument in the 4th section is an acid moog. It's like a low-pitched melody. It's usually used in backgrounds. I think if I adjust the volumes between the instruments good enough, it might not sound like there's so much. It might ease things up. I'll try to make the hats in stereo some how.
  8. It would've been louder, I just had to turn the main volume down some because, when I saved it as mp3 with the volume normal, a lot of static got in there. Do you want me to turn it down some more? I didn't want the song to sound too empty. So, what makes it muddy, is it the liquidiness of the synth strings, cuz, like I said before: I'm not sure if that is a good synth strings to use. I was going through different kinds of synth strings to see what would go best with this song, especially with the types of instruments it uses. I need a synth strings that will flow together well with the instruments. I didn't want the original song to lose what it is. I wanted it to be an authentic Metroid song arrangment. The instruments are based on how the original song sounds, as Synth Pop. The Synth Pop in the song is original itself. The original Synth Pop band is Depeche Mode. They're the first Synth Pop band. And, I thought: who better to go by what Synth Pop is than Depeche Mode. They're the Kings of Synth Pop. Do you want me to change the synth close-hat? I can if you want me to. I didn't change the hi-hat pattern because I didn't want the song to lose rhythm. I can pan the slight triangle. I can have the notes in the synth strings chords split in separate channels to give it a surround effect, it's sortof a wide stereo effect though.
  9. http://h1.ripway.com/TronTek/TronTek-Metroid-Brinstar(SynthPopMix).mp3 So, what do you guys think? I had to turn the main volume down a little bit so that it wouldn't get too staticy. I think some of the little notes need to be turned up a little bit so you can hear them better, and for the synth strings, I'm not sure if that is a good synth strings to use. It's slightly octaved. Not sure if that is good. I was going through different kinds of synth strings to see what would go best with this song, especially with the types of instruments it uses. I need a synth strings that will flow together well with the instruments. I was also looking for sawtooth for the main melody, but I couldn't find the pacific instrument, so I used something that sounded closest to it. If anybody knows where I can get sawtooth for the Styrus generator or SoundFont generator for FL Studio 7, I'd be so happy. I wanted this song to be creative, classy, have passion, be catchy, upbeat, have rhythm and all that. I originally made this on my MTV Music Generator 2 on my PS2, and months and months later, I remade it on my computer. I made it by ear and from scratch. I don't know how to read notes. I make music by ear. This is my first time making a song for a public site. The games I'm inspired by are Metroid, Gradius III, Gradius IV (on Gradius III and IV on PS2), Gradius V, the Contra series, Zone Of the Enders, and Zone Of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. The music in these games pretty much formed my taste of music. And, to note, I have had no musical lessons, and that, it is natural. This is my natural gift of making music. The song will start out simple, but, gets more immersive soon after the reverse cymbal hits. This is the theme for my songs.
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