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  1. haha, You didn't bust any bubbles, I wanted Crit, And also, Remember, This is only the basic theme at the moment, all will be changed including sound quality, later. So yeah, Any more crit please? (= -Double|)
  2. Wow...No one even tried to listen to my last WIP I Put on here.."Clock Tower 3 AtomspheriConfrontation" But oh well, Here's my second attempt at something this week, and its the Theme of Zelda Link's Awakening, Which I Adore. But Yeah, This is what I Have so far, Any crit about this and what i should add to it would be greatly appreicated (: Well here it is, My current WIP -> http://media.putfile.com/Zelda-Links-Awakening-Theme-OCR-WIP Thankooo -Double|)
  3. Hey dudes and dudettes, rofl =D Long time since i've posted anything on here but oh well, I Felt like trying to remix some song today, so I thought about it and chose "Time of Confrontation" from Clock Tower 3. I'd like some comments on the current version of the Remix, and also..I Know some of it is kinda wierd, but say what parts you hate, and what parts you love, and I'll get on cutting the certain parts out =D Here is the link to listen to the song -> http://media.putfile.com/Clock-Tower-3---AtmospheriConfrontation-WIP Thanks = ) - Double|)
  4. Thanks for the link man, Its awesome...Infact General Caution is gonna be at http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/5579/ once its published so get on over there if you wanna download it =D And also...Keep the Coments coming, You're all awesome -Double|)
  5. Hey there, Double|) here again, plugging 2 ReMixes off my album "General Caution" which can be found here. Anyway, I Need some C&C for these two Silent Hill 2 ReMixes i've done. The first is a ReMix of "Theme of Laura" and is called Laura's Electronika. Listen to it here The second is a ReMix of "Promise" and is called Techsaw Promise. Listen to that here Now...I Would like Opinions, and What one would most suit submitting and any Improvements I could make to them. Thanks (In adavnce lol) -Double|)
  6. Yup, Well done for making me miss something *dramatically dies* /sarcasm XD I'll add that info there too...Thanks for the rememberance =) -Double|)
  7. Hey there, Double|) here, Posting up my first post on OCR as my 3rd album i'd done..I've been putting myself off coming on here due to not really being bothered (Hence why i'm already on my 3rd album XD) But anyway...Here it is...General Caution General Caution General caution is the brand new album from Double|), Compared to the previous offerings of "Technotronika" and "Jump.Space.Nine" Double|) brings you more chilled out tracks like "Pure Mercury" an 8 Minute chillout of pure hypnotism. He's also bringing some remixes to the album like "Laura's Electronika" or Techsaw Promise" which are
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