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  1. Yes, that's why that music is in the VGM Arrange section rather than in the Castlevania II section It's not a re-arrangement. It's an arrangement! XD Has the description of the page says: "Here you will find all the MP3 arrangements made based on some video-game tunes. Pure grabbed 8-bit or 16-bit music files and arranged to sound like real-quality audio." Thanks
  2. Hey there! MixWaves.net has been updated. 2 brand new musics: 1 from Castlevania II Belmont and 1 from Sonic 2 SMS Arrange. Stay cool!
  3. Thanks a lot for the support. I kinda have a little busy life, but has soon I have time and attitude for it, I always try to make new remixes of other musics from all sort of video-games... Has I said, every month I usually post 1 or 2 new musics, being video-game or non video-game related, but the non-video-game related are usually like dance, techno trance style. Also, I have 2 style of composing musics: 1 of them (from these musics) are more techno, dance oriented, while the other one, is more MIDI arranged oriented. Anyways, I'm feeling great today, since it's friday and tomorrow's saturday, no work XD So here's another two ;P One of them is simply arrange, the other is a remix BUT I guess it's still on a very early stage of WIP. http://www.mixwaves.net/mp3/MDashK/VGM_Arr/Scrap%20Labirinth%20-%20Sonic%201%20SMS.mp3 Scrap Labirinth from Sonic 1 Master System (arrange) http://www.mixwaves.net/mp3/MDashK/power_strike_II_AST/Falcon%20Striker.mp3 Stage 5 from Power Strike II Master System (arrange & remix) WIP Once again, thanks a lot people! I guess I'll start to post my WIPs and new releases around here!
  4. Thanks a lot for the review! Then I guess I'm gonna save these versions and try to somehow re-arrange the messy parts of Listening Clounds and more importantly, totally remake Messiah 2008. Again, thanks for the review! Be free to visit mixwaves.net, where these and lots more are to be downloaded.
  5. Yeah, you're right... Anyways, I've highly updated everything, so here's the main site link: www.mixwaves.net and the musics: http://www.mixwaves.net/mp3/MDashK/StH2_AST/12.%20OverRobots%20(Bonus).mp3 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Master System Boss music remix. http://www.mixwaves.net/mp3/MDashK/StH2_AST/13.%20Mad%20Pipes%20GO%20(Bonus).mp3 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Master System Scrambled Egg music remix. http://www.mixwaves.net/mp3/MDashK/Cas2BR_AST/Listening%20Clouds.mp3 Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge Praying Hands music remix. http://www.mixwaves.net/mp3/MDashK/Cas2BR_AST/Messiah%202008.mp3 Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge New Messiah music remix. Hope you like them. =) Review please.
  6. Sorry, I would put them in MP3, but my server's almost full... XD
  7. Hello everyone. It's been a long time. Well, the last remixes I left around here where reviewed by you people and the reviews got exactly what I was expecting. So, I'm leaving my latest 4 mixes in here, so that I can have your great opinion (and ears) again. So, here they are: http://mixwaves.talkhost.info/DJ_M_Dash/ARRANGE_MIX/OverRobots_-_Sonic_2_SMS_Boss.rar Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Master System Boss music remix. http://mixwaves.talkhost.info/DJ_M_Dash/ARRANGE_MIX/Mad_Pipes_GO_-_Scrambled_Egg.rar Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Master System Scrambled Egg music remix. http://mixwaves.talkhost.info/DJ_M_Dash/ARRANGE_MIX/Listening_Clouds_-_Praying_Hands.rar Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge Praying Hands music remix. http://mixwaves.talkhost.info/DJ_M_Dash/ARRANGE_MIX/Messiah_2008.rar Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge New Messiah music remix. Review please! Much apreciated! Cheers and Regards!
  8. OK, so here's my third arrange MP3. Scrap Brain from Sonic 1 8-bit. http://mixwaves.talkhost.info/OCRemix/Scrap_Brain.rar Enjoy, and comment please. Cheers.
  9. Thank's you for the review. Yes I agree with you. In fact, I made it to be as much has exact to the original. Anyways, this track won't be going to the OCRemix selection. I just decided to do an arrange version of the song, and post it here to see how much close to the original it was. Glad to see it got the review I was waiting for. I read the rules for the submited songs, so I knew this one couldn't participate, that's why I posted it here. Anyways, maybe I'll do what you said... Maybe I'll change it to be able to participate in the OCRemix selections. Thanks again.
  10. Hi all! I'm new around here and I've been inside the Techno and Dance music genre creation for a couple of years already... Just for fun... Anyways, some months ago I decided to make some remixes of old classic games, that in time didn't had the musical quality we have nowadays... So... The first two games I picked (beeing also two of my favorites) where: Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge from Gameboy and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 from Sega Master System. I've already downloaded some remixes from OCRemix, and I like a lot of them... So I decided.. Why not?? Maybe they accept my remixes! If I put effort on it.. So, here they are... The only two for now... lool http://mixwaves.talkhost.info/OCRemix/Praying_Hands.rar http://mixwaves.talkhost.info/OCRemix/Scrambled_Egg.rar Cheers and comment reviews please.
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