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  1. Good afternoon, all. My name is Minoru Sensui, and this is my first time posting on this thread. Let me just say first off that I am a great fan of this site and the music within, as people are able to give even the most mundane-sounding themes some extra flavor. I am hoping that someone would be willing to do the same for the following themes from the GBA game Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. The number in parenthesis next to each song title is its number on the "Music Mode". To get this mode, save your game, go to any town, hire someone and give them the name "MUSIC.ON". Though you will not be able to continue the game once in this mode (thus my suggestion to save beforehand), you'll be able to hear all the musics of the game. 1. Battle BGM7 (6): This is the theme you hear when you first either Naris Batraal or a posessed evil Rictor Lasanti in Osteria Crypt. It has an ominous, spooky feel that I love. 2. Battle BGM8 (7): This is the theme you hear during your battles in Angel's Headstone, a slow theme that holds an undercurrent of darkness. (It's appropriate, considering it is the sealing place of a Fallen Angel who then morphs into a Sacred Demon.) Out of all the themes, I would like this one ReMixed the most, giving it more instrumentals and a church-like feel or something you'd hear in a holy cathedral complete with an angelic choir. 3. Final Boss: Very self-explanatory and #8 on Music Mode, this is the theme you hear when facing the final boss Sacred Demon Shaher. It's relatively quick moving, and I feel could be a superb instrumental if given a more sinister and demonic "tone". 4. Character Making (22): This is the theme you hear in the beginning of the game when the Fortune Teller asks you the questions needed to determine your element and alignment. It seems nice-sounding to me, for some odd reason. I can't really explain it. 5. Fallen Angel (30): This is the theme of Shaher immediately before he becomes a Sacred Demon and before he is about to die. It is a slow and deep feel that I also love, and could also be an excellent ReMix. Well, if anyone could be so kind as to create ReMixes of this music, it would be appreciated not only by myself, but by many others once it's given a new feel. I hope that everyone who reads this, and everyone who doesn't, has a blessed day.
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