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  1. Take all the time you guys need, I'm sure this will be worth the wait. : )
  2. So, it's safe to assume the release date will probably be mid-to-late next month? Early if we're lucky/behave, haha!
  3. Hey guys, I signed up to this forum to let you guys know, (based on what I've heard so far) that I think this is going to be a kick-ass project. The medley you posted is incredible, and I even sent it to a friend of mine who is also interested in hearing what you guys produce! Also, in the medley, what's the name of the song that starts at about 1:24, and is before the chocobo theme. Can't seem to put my finger on what it's a ReMix of (sign of a good remix in my eyes (or ears)), and it sounds really cool. Thanks, you guys are doing a great job.
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