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  1. Heya! It would be nice to hear a full, fleshed-out symphony version of the Castlevania 64 intro. The violin melody is just fantastic! (Note the original 64 not the upgraded Legacy of Darkness intro) Here's a youtube video of it: Unfortunately the game itself cuts off the music loop shortly after the piano starts. Thanks for looking!
  2. I second this! The gameplay was horrid, but many selections of the music were superb. I'd personally choose more instrumental choices though. My suggestions: "Oppositio Senshi" in a middle eastern style (not the battle theme) "Temple Ruins" in epic horror movie (think Pipe Organs and Transylvania) "Crisis" in a jazz band ensemble piece "Sad Song" in a short, music-box piece "Crystal Tokyo (3)" as a piano piece perhaps Thanks! =D
  3. It would be real nice to hear a few of the tracks from this game remixed: "Apostle of the Evil God" "Kingdom Selection" "Astea's Theme" VGmusic.com has the said pieces, but if any remixers actually have a history of actually playing the game, I think they'd be able to appreciate how underrated it is (most likely because of the games obscurity). http://vgmusic.com/music/console/sega/saturn/index-af.html If you want to sit through it, youtube has a few videos too containing some nice samples of its score. (There are some examples of the Sega Ages remake they made of it too, but the score is basically the same) For example: http://youtube.com/watch?v=NlKh2lgsXOY&mode=related&search= Thanks! -tk
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