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  1. I've been wanting to do some solo work for a while now. So I'm trying to find something good to record with my bass. I really don't want do have expensive hardware just to record my amp with a mic, so I've been considering getting a Line6 Toneport or a Native Instruments Audio Kontrol because I can just plug my bass right in and emulate different amps and effects and from what I heard it gives pretty good results. The Toneport has an excellent price, but I've been leaning towards the Audio Kontrol because of its software. I am open to other hardware suggestions. So I wanted to know if anyone knows any other products that I could just plug my bass straight in and be able to use software such as Guitar Rig? I own an iBook G4 right now and getting an Intel iMac this summer so I would like it to be compatible with both. Thanks in advance.
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