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  1. Mairujyat and I (in SoSiouxMe's absence of internet access) have decided to abandon this project due to lack of interest from other mixers. We can't support the project all on our own. If enough mixers, be it current members or new ones, band together and support the project, we will revive it.

    If you need to contact Mairujyat, do so through his skype, because his account here has been rendered unaccessable

  2. you could also just use velocity layers for that example.

    assign the volume to the modwheel instead, so you can control it independently

    I can break the link between velocity and volume? I was going to use velocity but there's so many samples, it there would be volume discrepancies. Can you elaborate on this?

    And does anyone know why the modulators would seem to have no effect on instruments?

  3. In creating soundfonts, I'm trying to make use of the modulators. No matter what editor I use, no modulators of any kind seem to have any effect as I can observe through the editors. Is there something I'm missing?

    I have an instrument that simulates a modulated filter by having several samples of the same sound with different filter settings. I want to put them all into one instrument and have the modwheel cycle through all the different samples. How do I do this?

  4. It seems the project has taken an unplanned hiatus and won't be done in time for our original deadline (November, 15th anniversary of DK64). I've stepped up to help get it on track, and created a dropbox for WIPs, which Mairujyat and SoSiouxMe have approved This means that by adding a subfolder with your name on it and rendering your mixes to that folder, we'll receive the mixes as soon as you make them, eliminating the hassle of sending them to the project supervisors. You can also hear tracks from other remixers on the dropbox

    So if you still care about this project at all, just send me the email you use for dropbox and I will add you to the DK64 project dropbox folder. If you don't have dropbox, you can get it at https://www.dropbox.com/downloading (it's free). You are also free to stick with sending your mixes in by PM

  5. I'm trying to make a multi-preset soundfont bank that relies on ADSR volume envelopes and pitch LFO to not sound horrible, but when I load the soundfonts in any soundfont player, none of them keep the ADSR volume envelopes. I've created it in Swami and Vienna (both programs seem to be able to communicate the envelopes with each other, but not anything else)

  6. if anyone needs any vocal work done by a tenor/high baritone voice, i'd be more than willing to offer my own voice. i'm trying really hard to get my name out there, so i'll do anything anyone needs.

    a link to my voice:


    (i have a better recording setup than i used here, i had to use my laptop's ambient mic for this one...)

    Your link is broken

    EDIT: Never mind. It works now. Nice hat and hair XD

  7. I have a rough draft of my Funky Kong remix: https://soundcloud.com/user7666413/dk64-funky-kong-rough-wip

    There's not much to it just yet. I'm still trying to decide how I want to approach this one. I'll post up a thread in the WIP forum when I have a little bit more to add.

    I like pure techno remixes of non-techno songs as much as the next guy, but in a project where the tracks are meant to be representative of their source, it kind of seems wrong to have a style on the opposite end of the music spectrum as the original.

    I would say try to at least make it 50% techno and 50% the style of the original. That's what I'm doing with the Angry Aztec Boss, and it's coming out wonderful so far :nicework:

  8. Looking forward to your take on it. I'm imagining some sort of crazy hard-hitting dubsteppy electronica. :P

    Please no. Don't the guidelines say "All genres minus ear-rape allowed"? :-P

    I've worked up a WIP for my mix, Angry Aztec Boss. It's going to be a crazy/wild mash-up of electronica and symphony (symphonica?). The best way I can describe it is Jim Carrey on speed. I may end up collaborating with a more professional mixer in order to get the piece to full production quality

  9. An ambient breakbeat remix of Aquatic Ambience made in FL Studio via Albino and Vanguard.

    Original: Aqutic Ambience_______________________________________________


    Remix: Aqutic Breaks (v6)______________________________________________


    Changes since v5:

    - Improved the instruments

    - Improved mixing and effects processing

    - Fixed some volume issues

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