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    I like to game (of course), draw, write, play piano.
    Recently started playing Banjo-Kazooie tracks.
    (I figured out Treasure Trove Cove. It's C E G E G A G E G A G # B(flat) C B(flat) G# G E; C E G E G A G E G A G # B(flat) C B(flat) G# E C.


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    I have perfect pitch, which means that I can tell how out of tune a piano is, or just about any instrument.

    I have a FanFiction account. It's the same name as this one.

    I can play nearly any Zelda song out there. Name some. I'll tell you if I can play them.
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    Lauren Stanisz (It's Polish.)
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    Student; Need to get a job/find one but too lazy/not ready to T-T.
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    Electric Guitar (Rhythm) (can do basic stuff)

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  1. O-O EVERYBODY! I have an idea. We create a massive remix using SAC. How about it? EDIT: 22nd page, woohoo! Last week of school (forever, unless I go to college), so yay for more time to work on this!
  2. I got you. Will do so when I get home. Welcome to the album, Afilion!
  3. I have interest in taking up a track, if need be. I can probably do all the ones that need done, I guess. But if you want to just get this out the door, that's fine.
  4. Yes, get on the discord, people. Please. If you want, anyway. Also- voice work. We need to talk about that too.
  5. OMG hello inbox! Glad to see that everyone's still alive and stuff. Yeah, working on lots of stuff atm. Will have to redownload all my soundfonts again..yyaayyyy...... I might as well send my old hardrive off to try to get everything back. Lot easier than getting everything again and remaking everything from scratch.... Edit: Also I'm Ness now....Yay?
  6. TheChargingRhino

    I made some game soundfonts

  7. TheChargingRhino

    Video Game Addiction

    Skyrim, Witcher 3, Okami, and Grim Dawn are my most played games Grim Dawn is 337 hours Skyrim is 122 hours, and that's without modding Witcher 3 is 54 hours Okami HD is 42 hours
  8. Helloooooooo???? Oh well. Nika - I remade Clipped Wings AGAIN. if you're ever on, here it is- it is far from being done, I got the introduction started, though
  9. ATTENTION: My hard drive died. All of my album work is gone (until I get the drive fixed). HOWEVER. I have at least one copy of the SCRAMBLE flp on my Drive. I have no idea what version the flp is, but if you want it, PM me. Until then, I shall make do with what I still have (everything from 4 years ago).
  10. OMG, Nika, you live. Yeah, got a web cam and a new mic so I am good to go on recording voice acting stuff. Still waiting for feedback for Hall of Fame.... Or at least having it be 100% done.
  11. TheChargingRhino

    Starting to draw character (resurrection thread)

    Hey Jared! This is great, now that you're doing mashups, are you currently taking requests? EDIT: Those shoes on the 'space fox' look like Fox's feet from the first game's box art...hmm......
  12. Made this in like 5 minutes. Might compile all the 8 bit remasters into one post when I get enough of them done. Enjoy. Want requests, send them to me.
  13. Basically I used the GB samples from SAC. Enjoy. No pitch bends/fade ins like the original, though.
  14. Hi, is this still open...??? I'd like to take on the final Bowser fight theme if possible. Will add orchestral stuff in the background of the track behind the guitars and stuff. I use FL, will need musicians eventually.