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    I like to game (of course), draw, write, play piano.
    Recently started playing Banjo-Kazooie tracks.
    (I figured out Treasure Trove Cove. It's C E G E G A G E G A G # B(flat) C B(flat) G# G E; C E G E G A G E G A G # B(flat) C B(flat) G# E C.


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    I have perfect pitch, which means that I can tell how out of tune a piano is, or just about any instrument.

    I have a FanFiction account. It's the same name as this one.

    I can play nearly any Zelda song out there. Name some. I'll tell you if I can play them.
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    Lauren Stanisz (It's Polish.)
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    Fan game maker (non profit), Work at Windsor Dining Court at Purdue
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    Sytrus, Directwave, Sakura, FL Slayer, Morphine, Harmor, Harmless, PoiZone, samples (SFA)
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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    Electric Guitar (Rhythm) (can do basic stuff)

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  1. Hi Coop, I'm up for it again. Add me to the listttttttttttttttttttttttt (when you have time) EDIT: Website link seems to be broken, you might wanna fix that. Double Edit: I still have the discord server if you want that as well.
  2. Uh....Sigma's Fortress 1+2 from MMX2 wouldn't fit here would it?
  3. I picked up Shreddage 3 Stratus so if anyone needs guitar stuff, lemme know. This is not dead yet, I WILL IT NOT TO BE DEEAADDDD!!!!
  4. SAC meaning Super Audio Cart, of course. The loops are great, the samples themselves sound awesome (FL seems to have problems with a lot of them, but oh well) The ONLY nitpick I have is the drums, I've had to use Crisisgeneralmidi's power drums for mostly everything ...And the fact that you have to use an external pitch bender.....Very annoying, but what can you do about it? SNESverb is awesome (the delay is justttt right) Also SAC PC is supposed to have presets....right? They don't show up for me in the drop down menu for some reason.... So. Some questions I have for SAC 2 1: Are you adding any new systems? 2: Are you adding more gates/arps/sequences? 3: Are you adding more SFX/Drums? 4: What's the price range, and are those that already own SAC/SAC PC going to receive a discount? Bonus sample of SAC (uses crisisgeneralmidi power drums) Corneria SAC epic version demo.mp3
  5. Is Ghost power metal or just metal?
  6. Actually, scrap that. I'm doing the Zelda main theme in a Pokemon battle style. came up with something that's almost 7 minutes long, but it's mp3 only, no project files, but I shall send it to you guys in a PM so you have an idea of what I mean. Working on something now in FL though.
  7. Hi Rush! i was wondering if you're ever going to put the other "Remade" albums on your spotify? You only have 2 Remade on there right now. Also do you ever see yourself remaking the SNES MMX soundtracks?
  8. You know, for a source track this short and not much instrumentation, this remix is pretty damn good. The original is not even a minute long in length, plus the only instruments are a pad, bass, drums, and a lead. That's it. Also I am wondering about that title....
  9. I was gonna say Okami because of the artstyle but then I realized how suggestive a lot of it is (looking at you Issun), and all. of. the. reading. maybe a Lego game?
  10. Logos for both games; they look awesome
  11. Alright, I'm back to try again. This time I'm doing Dark World/the main theme from Zelda in this style, or close to it I know that my samples suck, and that you want live instruments, possibly even for the WIP, I can record stuff on my MODX, like the intro, but I can get performers later, right?