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  1. it's spelled comatose. if you search comatose on google, you'll get several search results. if you search "cumatose", it says "did you mean comatose".
  2. the dictionary says "of, like, or in a coma"
  3. good enough to download :lol:haha! i had it loud when i played it. the electric guitar scared the heck out of me when it blared all of the sudden! I listened to the "magical cheese tree", "protricity" and "year twentyohseven"
  4. i guess i can give crocodile cacophony remixes a try
  5. is he now? i never met him in person. . . i would like to!
  6. i agree. i do, in fact, realize i can get overly critical sometimes
  7. that depends, if your going 4 informational purposes, yes. but if your looking 4 good remixes, it's not the place. the people there literally intend to make remixes terrible.
  8. good-natured? i don't know about u but i would'nt consider constantly using words like "f***" "s***" (etc. etc.) "good natured. has the meaning of good natured changed in the last 30 seconds? note: txai named a HORRIBLE remix after protricity on olr (probably 2 insult him). prot. is a GREAT remixer not a HORRIBLE remixer. wuts wrong with txai?
  9. i never used "die" and i don't even know what the heck "comatose" is!I don't call people "crack-ass crackas" (or "bitches") I didn't ridicule a song just 4 not cutting reverb need i say more?
  10. i write more good reviews than bad ones, you just haven't seen em' all
  11. overlooked remix is an immature, not to mention poor immitation of overclocked remix. no offense, but no one wants to hear songs about magic cheese trees that have beehives with crystal meth in them:tomatoface:
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