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  1. So, what are good high slot modules that wont need a lot of electronic skills (while I have electronics, targetting and all) I dont have science trained as far as I remember?

    Since I am not PVPing right now, warp scramblers seem pointless...

    You can never go wrong with NOS if you use a lot of capacitor, the requirements arent steep, Energy Emissions Systems is the key skill.

    Scramblers and webbers are mid slot mods. Yea scramblers are worthless except in PVP, but webbers are absolutely crucial later on in just about everything combat related. You might want to check into using those as well.

  2. Edit: Not fair, he gets cash offered... Oh well, my goal for tonight is to make 2 million isk. My current estimate was adjusted to 16 million isk for a geared up stabber, and that may change since I may go with electronic warfare modules instead of the last two high slots being missile launchers)

    Heh, well I've got a lot of ISK for now. I've been playing for awhile.

    I'm actually at work right now, languishing really lol. But I will be on some time either 5:30 pm EST or 6pm.

    All forms of generosity are welcomed :D. Heck if ya need anything researched/invented I'd help.

    I probably won't be on much tonight at all, today is my birthday, so I'm headed out with some buddies for the night.

  3. I can dream can't I lol...

    yeah I pretty much got a bunch of 125's and 75's from the missions I've done.

    Well if you are playing right now, drop me an eve mail or convo, my name is Derelikt. I can wire you some cash to get you started off.

  4. Good enough for me, I'll just need to make some better railguns to replace the 75mm railguns I have on them. (I can make the 150mm railguns ;) )

    150's are nice but you wont get a full loadout with them, the pg requirements are steep. A set of 75s works just fine, or 125s

  5. From the time I had been using them it sure felt that way.

    In light of the info/clarification, would it be wise to have a mix between long range and short range hybrid turrets? Such as having 3 rail guns for general attacking and two blasters as neutralizing guns for in-close range enemies; or just have either all railgun/blastergun ship..?

    For a destroyer, I'd go railboat. They are quick enough to maintain a range where you can tear anything apart with railguns.

  6. To my understanding my Destroyer can handle 8 hardpoints, 7 being turrets while the last one is a missle type. basically...

    Destroyer Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed and 10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret optimal range per level


    Penalty: -25% rate of fire for all turrets

    Bonus: 50% bonus to optimal range for small hybrid turrets

    So the way I see it, unless I am using projectile type of turrets, I think i can mix the last 2 turrets that use crystals seeing as how the turrets are hybrid type. Now if that's not the case I can always change out those hybrid laser turrets with another set.

    My only qualm is the 25% drop on the firing rate for my turrets.

    Don't worry about the 25% drop in firing rate. Destroyers absolutely tear apart frigates and level 1 missions. With that many turret points, you'll be popping frigates faster then you can target new ones.

    In addition, lasers are not hybrid turrets. You are mixing weapon types. Hybrid weapons are railguns for long range, and blasters for close range. Railguns are a bit weaker, with very poor tracking ability, but are excellent at distance. Blasters track much quicker, and do high damage, but are very short range, requiring you to keep a near distance / orbit.

  7. If you ever get the chance ellywu2, look us up! :D

    Finally got myself a Destroyer, and I like how I have one BFG (not the actual DOOM variety, just a big gun) and two smaller versions in the front, with the laser charges on the sides as back up and one missle launcher for extra punch lol...

    I can't wait to build a supped up version of my destroyer when I have th ematerials/skills.

    Schwaltzvald, i'm not sure I completely understood your current setup. But I'll give you some advice if I'm right. You want to avoid mixing different weapon types, the basics being Missles, Projectile, Laser, and Hybrid. Use the weapon type that the ship gets bonus's for, otherwise you are losing out on a lot of extra potential strength, and it DOES make a difference. An example is i wouldn't use lasers on any other ship type except ammar, as ammar ships have bonus's for laser weapons, including damage, range, less capacitor use. Their ships are designed to be best utilized with lasers, as caldari are missles, minmatar are projectile, and gallente are hybrid/drone. Even on the gallente ships I pilot, the ship itself has high slot hardpoints for both missle and hybrid weapons, but even then I do not put missle launchers on their respective hardpoint, as it's damage potential cannot be fully realized without bonus's. Instead I throw something more useful to me in that high slot like NOS, or drone links.

  8. By the way, anyone who plays from OCR should join the "OCR" channel.

    So, about the game, I moved up from my Rifter Frigate up to Destroyer class Trasher. In two days, I should have completed setting up my weapons until I can either upgrade to a bigger ship (quite frankly, while I wanted to remain small and agile, the Trasher has been really fun. I set it up with 3 artillery cannons and I like destroying stuff from about 20 kms away, and if they get under 5000 meters, I can aim 3 (soon to be 4) autocannons.)

    I'm starting to like the bigger/better approach, and I may look at upgrading to a stabber (only thing that annoys me is the fact that I have my small projectile turrets skills maxed out, and moving to medium would be like losing about 20% damage. I'll have to compare a medium turret's damage to see if trading up will result in better damage overall. And then there's the whole equipping a ship again. I did the math and my Trasher is worth about 4.5 million isk, which is the estimated value of the stabber.

    No one is in the OCR channel ever when im on :). I'll always be in there if im playing however, feel free to join to. As for losing your damage, don't worry abotu that, you can make up the 20% damage in the next skill in only a few days time. And you'll utilize both types at some point or another. Currently I have t2 small, medium turrets, working on my large atm. But in about another 35-40 days I'll have a full 45% damage in small, medium, and large turrets.

  9. I've been playing for about a year and a half or so. Go ahead and message me ingame if you'd like, or if you have any questions go ahead and ask. My ingame name is Derelikt and I've basically been 'lone wolf'ing it since I started, operating out of gallente space around Oursulaert.

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