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  1. i like this one's sound. it used the great synth sounds with some awesome violin electronic sounds. i like the emotion felt in this song. the beginning gets me and this song never lets up. i like that about it. sometimes, i just REALLY enjoy a chaotic remix. It reminds me soooo much of much of the battle songs in Final Fantasy 8. Also, it reminds me of the solemn sounds of final fantasy 7. this just goes on a LITTLE too long, but i enjoy the sound so much that it doesnt' really bother me. I enjoy this remix a lot. Keep up the awesome work. well done.

  2. The break beat is nice. I can't say that I don't like this song because it's so cool. When you can do the breat beat properly, it works. The other instruments, (especially the bells) make it fun to listen to...distorting the sounds is fun and works with this remix. It goes too far, however, making me forget about the game it's for. I want a remix with less distortion, so that I can hear the original song sounds.

  3. Bigmothp, I think that IS a distorted trumpet in there.

    What a different Remix. But, that's why it's called OC REMIX. I always like synth myself. This one really shines with the Last Battle theme from Chrono, but there are other songs represented in here! I like that idea. To me, the drums and beats really stand out.

    DrumUltimA, well with a name like that, who wouldn't like some drums in there?! Very interesting, I like parts of this song, but it doesnt seem to flow very well.

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