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  1. A strong, catchy beat that you can dance to. Also, the always enjoyable Mega Man melodies. Disco Dan is always at the top of his mixing game, and this one is no exception. As a Mega Man fan myself, I highly recommend this remix!
  2. It has such a strong synth sound and some light bass, with familiar Final Fantasy melodies. Very fun to listen to.
  3. A great mix that you can definitely 'groove' to, ambients strong remix has some great bass hits and a fun overall beat to it. Very cool. Groove on!
  4. Your talent is amazing. Thank you for giving us this remix.
  5. First, WillRock amazed with the frenetic, but deliciously fun to listen to, 'Clockwork Criminal. Now, WillRock is back with a strong, bassline filled synth explosion for the first stage of Streets of Rage. I just had to comment on this musician's obvious talent. A round of applause for this great remixer. He deserves it.
  6. Has a great Daft Punk vibe to it. A great tune. I enjoyed this one.
  7. This is my new favorite OC Remix. It's that good. Thanks so much for creating this, PrototypeRaptor. -Mike
  8. the lyrics are well sung, and well-written they got me too. I hope nicole adams does some more vocal songs.
  9. i like this one's sound. it used the great synth sounds with some awesome violin electronic sounds. i like the emotion felt in this song. the beginning gets me and this song never lets up. i like that about it. sometimes, i just REALLY enjoy a chaotic remix. It reminds me soooo much of much of the battle songs in Final Fantasy 8. Also, it reminds me of the solemn sounds of final fantasy 7. this just goes on a LITTLE too long, but i enjoy the sound so much that it doesnt' really bother me. I enjoy this remix a lot. Keep up the awesome work. well done.
  10. I like how it picks up right from the start, and the beat comes into it later to really set it off! Great work, BLiNd :nicework:Terrific
  11. The break beat is nice. I can't say that I don't like this song because it's so cool. When you can do the breat beat properly, it works. The other instruments, (especially the bells) make it fun to listen to...distorting the sounds is fun and works with this remix. It goes too far, however, making me forget about the game it's for. I want a remix with less distortion, so that I can hear the original song sounds.
  12. This track has a beat you can jam to! I like the intro right from the start this one picks up and has OCRemix written all over it. I like songs where the beat never stops. Definitely a good remix with the distortion and stereo effects, and all of the digital synth sounds. So pleasing to listen to, and will make you think of the game, or any video game for that matter.
  13. Bigmothp, I think that IS a distorted trumpet in there. What a different Remix. But, that's why it's called OC REMIX. I always like synth myself. This one really shines with the Last Battle theme from Chrono, but there are other songs represented in here! I like that idea. To me, the drums and beats really stand out. DrumUltimA, well with a name like that, who wouldn't like some drums in there?! Very interesting, I like parts of this song, but it doesnt seem to flow very well.
  14. wow, what a great mix! Added a very epic sound the the original song. I like how he went off course with the trumpet notes. I would like to hear more from Nutritous.
  15. What a great mix by these guys. This remix definitely gets the technical beats of the menu song from Gran Turismo 3 down. Great work guys. Fun to listen to.
  16. Yes, it looks like Zircon has done it again. Well done, Zircon!
  17. i remember Beauty's Abomination very well. It's a great remix. He'll be missed. That is a good idea, Aetherius. It makes me sad now to listen to his music.
  18. What a great remix. Metal Slug 3 is a great game, and this music serves it well.
  19. This is definitly one of my favorites (in not my favorite) Oc remix ever made. Thanks, Zircon!!
  20. O man! This is one of the best ocremixes i have ever heard! I love the ninja turtles and this is one of the few songs that does the 'turtles in time' justice. Thanks Chumble Spuzz!
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