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  1. Ahh, I havn't tried fiddling around with that yet myself. I'll have to try using that. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Cool, I wasn't aware of that clip until today. Also, thanks for the link fishy. Definitely found this thread very informative. I know that there is the occasion I find a track I finally finished mixing down clipping all of once or twice. I always have a dillema on my hands when that happens, do I rebalance all the volume levels just to remove one or two clips or leave it as-is? I'm just happy FL Studio will actually tell me when I've clipped in a nice obvious way at least. But yeah, I have to agree on the whole movie thing. I hate that too. I wonder if the director shouts out every so often, "Cut! You're talking too loudly! Talk quieter!" In my opinion, the whispering harms the realism of the movie to begin with. While I have no bone to pick with some fantasy, maybe even something that breaks the laws of physics, but when it comes to two people whispering in a diner-type setting about something hardly important... who does that? Honestly!
  3. Ah, I've been wondering about this for some time. When I actually produce a track myself, if an instrument is too loud (clipping), then I just turn that particular instrument down and play with the other dials so that the rest of them are at appropriate levels so that the music sounds much more normalized. Sometimes, when there are several filters applied, I'll use the mixing track volume control to do that operation. Thanks for the visuals jmr, didn't know that in particular was posted on Wikipedia.
  4. Hey, new to the forums, so I'm not entirely sure if it has been noted yet or not. I noticed a few comments (a few years old though, don't know if it still applies) that suggest that compression isn't used enough. There was an article published recently on compression put on music in general. It seems to be an arguement against the use of compression (at some points suggesting that it makes people sick) I'm kind of curious to see what a creative community such as this would have to say on the issue. I know it's more geared towards general pop music, but I figured compression is also relevent in ReMixing just the same. If this was already covered, please link me to the other thread. Thanks.
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