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  1. Hey all, I just wanted to make a thread with all the remixes/piano interpretations I made that are related to video game music. They are all youtube links. I'd appreciate any feedback! First off here is my channel (Has all my vids): These are my video game remixes/originals: Super Smash Brawl Main Theme... DUAL Piano Final Fantasy XX Battle Theme (Iso Original) Final Fantasy VI Boss Theme (Remix) Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkland (Dual Piano) Final Fantasy IX Battle Theme (Blindfolded) Pokemon Theme - (Blindfolded) Maplestory: Ellenia (Remix) Thanks!
  2. Aw thanks guys I guess whenever I make other vids i'll postem here as well =) Also, feel free to check out my channel to see what other goodies i got yay
  3. Hey guys, I hope I didnt post this in the wrong section but I was hoping you guys could check these vids out and gimme some feedback =) Future Final Fantasy 20 Battle Theme To Zanarkland - Dual Keyboard Thankxx!