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  1. So why IS "gentry" a five letter word? "Honor"?
  2. Every mp3 file encodes a certain amount of non-audio information collectively called tags. This contains information like the track title, composer, track number, and so forth; every mp3 player I know of displays some of that information while the track is playing. As for how to view the tags directly, it depends on the mp3 player you're using. If you're in iTunes, right click on the song and click Get Info, then click on the Lyrics tab. Windows Media Player works the same way if you check the Info Center or right-click on a song in the playlist pane and click Advanced Tag Editor. On an i
  3. I kinda picture Zeromus in this context as Golbez's actor in a huge sequined outfit/parade float with a golf cart under it so he can move around the stage. Oh, I see. Awesome! Thanks! Also, I'd like to note that I'm not saying I dislike Phantom. I'm just a sucker for rock opera. (Or maybe I'm just a sucker.) (BTW, I was trying to refer to the duel between Draco and Ralse. Just to clarify.)
  4. It does remind me a bit of Fallout, or the overworld music from 2300 AD in Chrono Trigger. You're right -- at the time I was listening with my full attention, and two minutes is a long time when you're in that mode. I wasn't really expecting an atmospheric piece, which accounts for my negative reaction. For the record, RDX Necklace did go into my list of background music to use in my tabletop gaming sessions.
  5. Awesome! I can always use another FF remix! I can't quite manage to hold this much music in my head at the same time after only one listen, but I'll note songs that left an impression on me. Note that I'm not a musician myself, so my reactions tend to be more emotional than technical. The first song kicks off the album in grand style. I love orchestral versions of video game music, and this could be the opening for a movie. The "99 Red Ballons" opening in Ana(pro)logue kinda gave me whiplash. Made me chuckle when I recognized it, but it also broke the fourth wall (so to speak) for me.
  6. I love this mix! My one and only complaint is that the lead-in is too long -- it goes on for 8 measures when one would expect it to start after just 4. Personally, I love the square-wave section, but I think my ears are tuned a little differently than most.
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