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  1. please... could... some one... gimme a lil hand here? ._.
  2. Streets of rage 2 remix - Streets of dance hey lion tamer! mind giving your oppinion? i would be gratefull ^^
  3. I thank you for your reply! Yes, the myspace player actually SUCKS!... it takes away some quality from the song. and another thing. I rendered it at 128 kb, and i read that they only accept at the rate of 192(or 8 don't remember but anyway). actually the real mp3 thing, does sound better than in the player. but, i don't know, maybe its to noisy because when i played it on the program that i use to make the song, the "wave thingy" was so "psycho" and, i don't know, maybe thats a bad thing, and i also noticed that in other songs the wave thing is almost all the time at the top, thats why i ask
  4. I would like to have some tips and opinions bout one of the songs that i made (please?), tips related to effects, sound quality, song fulliness, if it is repetitive or not and stuff (like to be accepted by the OCRemix community...) cuz i already submitted some of my ancient stuff (simply worst than that one) and they were all rejected... but this song is quite better than the others cuz i am on this since 2 years ago and since then i've been reading lots of tutorials related to song making, production, editting, putting effects on them and stuff. I think to my self that i am already improving.
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